At last Saturday came. More than one month and a half waiting to get tattoed and I’m absolutely delighted with the results, in fact this two “Ninja eggs” have made me very happy.

I gotta admit it hurt a lot, the earlier ones I got were quick and simple, but you cannot figure out so much work and detail these have. It took about three hours and was painful, but you know, there’s no reward without suffering.

In case someone is interested, here it is the link to the Tattoo Studio in Barcelona, Namakubi, I totally recommend it!


  1. HoHo you did it! It’s nice! Long time ago I thought to get ink a tattoo like this:

    But I refused it due to I wasn’t so sure to do it.
    Maybe one day I’m encourage to be inked but only if it is an original design. And this wouldn’t be big tattoo, I think it’s better to start with a small one.
    You know I had a piercing several years ago? But that piercing had a early end-date, because this didn’t finishing to heal. So I had to quit it. I think I looked pretty with that piercing… it was a premature abortion :(. I had in one brow. If you remember me… I sent you a image about it, I think I have one.

    • Got several piercings: nose, ears, belly button and tongue, I removed most of them except for some in the ears and my nose ring. I can’t conceive myself without it, it’s been with me half of my life

      Regarding tattoos and how to start with them, size doesn’t matter, believe me. And of course, you have to visit a tattoo artist to the studio, explain your idea, and let them design over it. More exciting and more unique.

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