When your daily routines have vanished due to major causes, so can your hobbies. This happened to me with blogging and pix. I didn’t feel like writing nor taking photographs, although I love doing both. It was like a mental block, I was so obsessed with emotional stuff I forgot about doing certain things.

Fortunately, as my spirits are getting better, I’m starting to get more focused on taking pictures, and most days I’m carrying my compact camera (I had to buy a new one because my Japanese Ixy was stolen while enjoying Guns n’ Roses show in October, shite!) in my bag, just in case I catch something interesting.

Lately, I’ve discovered what I love most, is taking pictures of live performances. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy because sometimes I’m not allowed to get the reflex camera at certain venues and on the other hand lighting is poor, or gigs are packed, still I try my best.

These last weeks I’ve been refreshing my few skills covering a couple of shows of Los Lügers, a wild punk rock band from my hometown, whose members are also friends.

Here you are th links to the sets I’ve uploaded on Flickr in case you wanna check them out:

Los Lügers @ Sala Lopez (Zaragoza, February 5th 2011)

Los Lügers @ Rocksound (Barcelona, January 23rd 2011)

Hope you like them!

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