I’m a smoker! Used to be just a social one back in the old days, just having a fag with a beer, but, you know, shit catches you in the middle of a weak moment and you start eating cigarrettes most of time, due to anxiety and depression. And once you’re deep in that crap, it’s really difficult to quit. Thinking of quitting though, I bought a book few time ago, but…

Most reastaurants and bars are complaining about this new law applied from the beginning of this year. I don’t, I’m one of these that think I will smoke less although at the end of the day I know that’s a fuckin’ lie.

These pix are catching the smoking area at the bar I usually drink coffee at on working hours, and just thought is reaaaally cool. The the guys at “Los del Zamora” bar have a great sense of humour, don’t ya think??

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