First time I listened to My World I fell in love with this man, I think it was a couple of years ago. Fields is not a kid, he’s been in business for a long time, but with this work seems that he reached other kind of audience,  it might be that I’m more open minded, or just a little bit of both. Luckily I’ve got to know his work and I’m glad about that.

My World is a hot album, very groovie and sexy, and makes you feel like dancing or getting laid…yeah! it’s true, I’m not  an expert at all in terms of sould, but what I can tell is that it wakes your instincts and you end up in the mood…sure you know what I’m talking about ;D Songs such as Do You Love Me (Like You Say You Do) or Ladies, send you back to the 70’s, and Blaxploitation comes to your mind immediately.

Last year Problems was released, unfortunately I haven’t had many occasions to listen to it properly as to rate it, but as far as I know, sounds great. I’ll check it out as soon as possible.

What is great news is that I’ll be able to see a live performance in a couple of weeks, here in Barcelona (February 27th @ Salamandra), at a more than reasonable ticket price, something to be grateful,considering the high increase tickets have suffered for the last two years.

I reckon is gonna be a terrific show, groove, sensual atmosphere and lots of dancing, can’t wait to see him with the Expressions.

I’m trying to convince friends to come with me to the show, but in terms of soul and taking into account myself, I can understand they don’t trust Toi at all. However, whenever I’ve insisted someone to go to a gig, most times I’ve never failed in my suggestions and people have ended up enjoying a lot.

Anyway, let me introduce you to Mr. Lee Fields and the Expressions with Do You Love (Like You Say You Do), lyrics are fantastic, by the way: What can a man do, when a woman is all he’s got”

If you feel like coming to the gig, please let me know!

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