Back in my teenage days I used to hate my appearance, and tried looking at myself through the mirror the least possible, I thought the one standing in front of me wasn’t the real me. You know, I used to comb or dry my hair avoiding looking directly, it was some kind of obsession. You can imagine my hair was always a mess.
Complexes are a real pain in the ass, but there’s no doubt at certain level everyone has some issues. I’ve got plenty, but I’m working on assuming the way I am, and try to endure and overcome them in order not to feel too shitty about them, guess this has to do with maturity.
My hate for mirrors was diminishing as I was getting older. Still had my issues, and sometimes found myself weird, but at the end of the day, mirrors are necessary. Ok, not so much if you’ve wrecked into an island…you know what I’m talking about, huh?

 Nevertheless, since I caught a camera, I felt madly in love with mirrors. Love self-portraits taken in pubs or venues toilets, and the mirrors I love most are those on the streets placed for avoiding car crashes, those which in the end nobody pays attention to.

And yes, eventually I admit nowadays I see myself real fine, even good-looking, and many times end up smiling remembering I used to hate myself, guess this was the Grunge influence, hahaha!

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