I’ve always been frustrated for not having a proper bedroom nor being allowed to decorate one as I pleased.

The only proper room I had was at my granny’s when I was 17, and it was the studying room. i remember having lots of posters, a cool rug, and many trash there: a bubblegum machine, a vintage radio, toys and figures…My grandmother used to love sitting there asking me to play some cd’s, the little vinyls as she called them, and was totally amazed I had managed somehow, to reflect my personality in there. The house was very old, and quite grey and sad actually, although they were good times for me when living there.

After that, I’ve moved so many times I never had a proper room. When I came back from London in 2000, went straight to my parents’ and my room had disappeared. I had to share a room with my brother, full of his stuff, but still, decorated in my parents’ fashion.

I’ve been sharing a flat for more than 5 years, and yes, decoration was a matter of two, so you have to agree and decide for two…but now, as I’ve just moved on my own I have a world standing in front of me.

I’ve always felt jealous about people whose parents didn’t care about how their bedroom  was like,  respecting it as part of your privacy and personality, and I really feel curious about my friends’ joints.

Last night, a good friend’s young sister invited me to come over her place for having some beers. I felt in love with her room the first second I stepped in. It was like a dream come true, so many details, so much stuff, a room dedicated to Elvis entirely…oh maaaan!

I took some pictures because I felt the need to share this with everyone. Sometimes a room can project your personality crystal clear. I love you, Claudia, thanks for letting me to know you better, you rock!  🙂


  1. Wow, pedazo de habitación! Qué chulada! 🙂 Esta mujer que se dedique a decorar interiores!!

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