At this point most of you know that I’m truly in love with HAN SOLO. He’s THE man for me, funny, tough and brave, I’d rather say impulsive, yet a bit stupid, and tender.

 I know it’s silly to admit your type of man is a character of a movie, but since I was a kid I’ve always had the same feeling. Besides, there are so many assholes in this world sometimes it’s better to have an icon in your life and make up your own movie in your head.
Anyway, and forgetting I’d marry him, as a huge fan of Star Wars, I find Solo one of the finest characters in the old Trilogy. Everything surrounding him is pure charisma, from his clothes to the Millenium Falcon, even his mate Chewacca (what a Wookie!!).
His attitude is pure rock, he’s not to keep cool under at anytime because he’s not a Jedi knight, dark side does not affect him. He’s a loser, his spaceship is almost ruined, owes money to Jabba the Hut, and makes his living smuggling goods through the Empire, yet he projects high self-confidence and his attitude is very cocky.
Han Solo is the anti-hero, he doesn’t care much about the Empire, and doesn’t feel sympathy towards the rebel movement either. He’s never been trained for fighting, and light sabers and Jedi tradition are just bullshit. He’s peeing on the values and basics of Star Wars, yet in the end, he wins the girl, becomes respectable and a prominent figure, and if you think about it, he just involves himself into this epic, firstly for money, and then for friendship and love.

Personal favorite moments are his introduction at the canteen, discussing terms of the business with Ben Kenobi, ignoring hysteric young Skywalker, and of course, prior to becoming carbonite figure, when Leia farewells him saying she loves him, and he replies “I know”. OMG!!! There’s a story behind this scene. No sentence meaningful enough fitted for that tense moment, in which they reveal the audience they’re actually in love, there were many repetitions until it was Harrison Ford himself who improvised the reply…the most Solo’s moment ever. I think he got the point and it was a success.

When I was a kid I used to end up crying with this scene, I thought I’d never seen him again. Han Solo cannot die!!

Once this said, if you ever fell in love with Toi, would you marry dressed up like Han Solo? 🙂


One response to “MY KINDA MAN

  1. ‘if you ever fell in love with Toi, would you marry dressed up like Han Solo?’ This should have been the title of this topic :).

    I reckon I read this topic months ago but it’s funny read it again and I’d like read more when I’m doing some stuff on my old-machine.


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