Has it ever occurred to you that you find something you really value is in front of you at a ridiculous price? This happened to me yesterday, totally by a chance.

Lately I’m quite broke and I’ve made an oath to myself swearing  not to buy too much stuff, because I have many plans in my head which require money: getting inked (I got sessions set in my calendar already, so this is for sure), going to somewhere in Europe to see Queens of the Stone Age playing their first album (this is complicated), visits to Madrid and The Hague to see some friends, gigs, festivals…too many things and too short of time and dough.

Anyway, I spent the afternoon with a good friend, we had lunch at a very nice veggie restaurant, a couple of carajillos (coffee and Bailey’s, what a great combination), and had a walk. During the same, we found this comic, dvd, cd’s…a bit of everything store, and felt like nosing stuff. DVD’s at good price, some interesting stuff…and THIS!

This single by The Wildhearts is included in the Fishing for Luckies album, released in 1996.

I’m not into collecting at all, I love buying stuff just because, cd’s, vinyls, merch, but never tried to get any single item of a band, I would get mad. However I must admit, sometimes if a rarity is standing right in front of my eyes it has to be mine.

This single was there waiting to be bought by me, and I did it, it was just EUR 1.50, what kind of price is that? I almost felt offended! OK, it’s just a single, but nowadays singles are quite rare at the stores, besides, it’s Wildhearts’! I had never seen something like that here in Barcelona, only in Japan!

Sick of Drugs is one of my favorite Wildhearts’ song, and I think the first one I liked immediately when my friend Jaume recorded me The Best Of album long time ago.

My attachment to this band has turned stronger and stronger for many reasons. I adore them, they’ve such energy and the bodies of the songs are so well composed, it’s impossible for me to ignore them. But it’s their solid live performances what stole my heart, they ‘re devastating on stage and very few bands can stand at the same level. When you see them for one hour and a half spreading such rage and power, you get crazy.

I’ve seen them three times and hope to enjoy more shows, but unfortunately, for their condition of cursed band,  although they’re very popular in the UK, they seldom visit us here in Spain, so I think I will move my ass to London again if I want to see them in future occasions. I don’t mind, I think it’s an excuse good enough to have a break, ain’t it?

Yeah! That’s me going crazy on stage in Barcelona, October 2008. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen in my life.

I cannot afford not trying to catch you into The Wildhearts’ universe by recommending you few of their albums:

–          THE BEST OF: the best way for those not acquainted with the band to know what The Wildhearts are into. This was the first album I listened and never get tired of it.

–          EARTH VS. THE WILDHEARTS: their first work and a total blast in your face.

–          P.H.U.Q: probably their most popular album, able to reach position 6 in UK charts.

–          THE WILDHEARTS: personal favorite, I guess, although I’ve never thought much about it. It’s got something kind of emotional for me, for personal reasons and because I saw them twice alive. Rooting for the Bad Guy is THE song

–          RIFF AFTER RIFF AFTER MOTHERFUCKING RIFF: not a proper album but a compilation of  B-sides.

The Wildhearts is one of these bands, either you love the or hate them, there’s no option in between, and people who are fans, are die hard fans. So, if you decide to dive into their work, you won’t feel indiferent by them. Please, let me know the outcome, hope we can share sweat and headbang  on the same pit in the future with Ginger and company.



  1. It’s in my to-do list to start listening to The Wildhearts. First I gotta do some homework before ARF: QOTSA and Cheap Trick mainly 🙂 I love Ginger’s voice! He looks like a viking but he can actually sing very well!

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