I had planned to write about some stuff I got in my mind, but I’m wasted after weekend and it’s been a tough Monday, heavier than others I reckon. Yet I’ve been able to meet a friend and have a looong chat about men, music and life in general. It’s been great, I needed that.

While we were deep on the topic of men and the way you can drive us crazy, I’ve remembered a link another friend had uploaded on his Facebook wall, and we’ve ended babbling watching this short video.

I love the way my friend Joaquin has described it:

Only Elvis can manage a song about crawfish sounds so damned sexy.

I could have never been able to describe it better, and won’t forget this sentence for the rest of my life. Not only that, but also I’ve realized he looks too gorgeous to be real in this scene.

For your personal delight, and wishing you a good week, here you are the excerpt of Crawfish, included in the film King Creole, directed by Michael Curtiz. Hope you enjoy it!

4 responses to “AIN’T THIS SEXY?

  1. Can he be too gorgeous?? He was really young, that’s for sure!! And, I do agree with you, damn he’s sexy!

  2. I like this post!

    Yesterday I tried to imagine this song in spanish… for example the chorus: “Cangreeeeejo de rííííío”

    OMG, with my voice it didn’t sound too sexy… but Elvis, mmm, I’m sure he could… :)))

  3. Glad, you’ve enjoyed this post, you were the one who inspired me 🙂

    Cangrejo del Río sounds awful, sure, maybe Bunbury could manage…jajaja

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