We don’t value the things we have until we miss them, especially those commodities we take  for granted.

Recently, the water heater broke down at my new flat. It was working fine, then started awful noises and whenever I took a shower for few seconds water was pouring black…and man! The smell of something burnt gave me the creeps. One day, although the machine seemed to be working, water never turned warm again. Imagine what it’s a cold shower at 7.30 in the morning in February! I think in Jamaica they’re still remembering me crying out as if I was Bruce Dickinson, shit!

Penitence lasted for 3 weeks. The maintenance guy came to check the damn heater ad gave me the bad news that it was broken down for good, it was worthless repairing it. Thus I had to wait for a new machine, and took longer than expected.

How did I manage? This is a funny story. I went to a friend’s place to take showers, and during these weeks spent a couple of weekends at my parents’ in my home town. Nevertheless, my friend left on holidays and I thought everything would be arranged by the time she was leaving, but it didn’t. You might not believe it, but I’m kind of shy with this kind of stuff, and don’t feel like bothering anyone. Everybody close to me has told me I’ve been a prick, and they’re right, sometimes being tough doesn’t mean I’m smart. The reason I’m telling this is because I spent almost a week getting cold showers or warming pots and jars to get some warm water. With all due respect (or not), I felt like a gipsy, or as if I was back in two centuries ago. Disgusting!

And I reckon whenever I took a nice warm shower those days, I even dropped a tear of happiness. Still, these days, I remember this nightmare and smile in my showers as if it was the best shag in my life. Yeah! I know it sounds too exaggerated, what do you expect? I come from Zaragoza, and we tend to be passionate and exaggerated with everything, but this is how I’ve been feeling lately.

Imagine those past weeks, no hot water, no loud music at all…hope this never happens to you, because it suuuucks!


  1. It happened to us once in Vilanova, I had shower in the gym 🙂

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