For few days the idea of selecting the album of the week has been present in my head and eventually I’ve decided I’m going to do it. It hasn’t to be my favorite, just any that affects or impresses me over the rest for a week. Could be a release or the typical old album I’ve listened to like thousands of times, anything goes…

I’m currently listening to more stuff than I used to, and I love it! And I listen to what I want whenever I want…this is an added value in my life I particularly enjoy with enormous pleasure. Thus I feel very passionate about some albums and want to share it here.

Because I’m constantly depending on calendars in my job (yes, someday I’ll entertain you talking about what I do, not the right moment now though), I’m including the number of the week as a referrer, so that in the future I can compare and remember my mood in certain moments.

As you already know, or by reading this crappy blog, should know, I’ve been totally hypnotized by The 59’ Sound by The Gaslight Anthem, in fact I can’t help listening to it on a daily basis, but because I already talked about it and what I pretend is a fresh start of what is to become a sort of regular post, we’ll forget about it for the moment, or we could consider it the album of the past two weeks 7 and 8.

OK, enough chit chat, let’s get focused. The album of the week is SONGS FOR THE DEAF, by QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE

I love this band but it’s curious the progression till I became a diehard fan. Let me tell you another story of grandma Toi…

Back in 1998 I was living in London. Kyuss was THE band for me in that moment although they had already separated ways. Still, any following projects were still interesting for me and Stoner was the style of music, together with Scandinavian punk rock, which had impressed me the most.

QOTSA released the first album, self-titled, the one I’m about to receive in vinyl (yesss!) and as soon as they came to London I went to see their performance, at The Garage. It was amaaazing! I bought the cd immediately plus The Desert Session vol III/IV. I felt in love with it the first minute I listened to Avon.

In 2000 they came to introduce Rated R, and to be honest, show didn’t mean so much to me, not so fresh, my ass wasn’t as kicked as one year before, and got quite disappointed. Nowadays I love this album, I don’t know what was happening in my mind back then, it was about 7 years ago when I bought it and thought “Toi, what an asshole!”

With Songs for the Deaf I was already back in Spain and didn’t interest me at all, in fact, I almost forgot about them with this one and Lullabies to Paralyze. Big mistake!

I remember a friend of mine reckoning his favorite QOTSA’s album was Songs for the Deaf, I couldn’t believe it. I used to think the first songs were definite, but then energy was getting weaker and in the end I was finding it boring.

Things have changed, that I can tell. I love every single album and for sure they are one of my top bands, even if they were playing polka I’d follow them to death. Many people criticized Era Vulgaris but I adore it.

Anyway, once this said, lately I’m listening to Songs for the Deaf compulsively, and I cannot find any fault, from top to bottom it’s perfect, in fact is one of the most consistent of their albums, alternating rhythm of songs masterly. This is perfection for me.

The start is absolutely demolishing with You think I ain’t worth a dollar, but I feel like a millionaire (what an awesome song title, it’s a definite declaration of principles I feel very identified with), it’s the perfect warmer for what’s coming next. I love turning the volume to 11 whenever I play it, wow man! Rage and energy at their purest.

I wasn’t  not sure whether I should comment each song,  no way, you gotta discover this for yourselves. I haven’t decided which is my favorite song, First it giveth? Go with the flow? A song for the deaf? Gonna leave you? I don’t know! They’re all terrific!

I just can tell this is a hell of a good record and I’m glad to have reconsidered my relationship with QOTSA. You should, no, you MUST check them out!  

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