How many times have we despised third age people just for being old? In Japanese culture old age means wisdom and that’s the stage in life people are most respected how curious!

It is true that sometimes they can get on your nerves, they’re slow, moody, selfish, and they consider to posses the absolute truth on any matter.

On the other hand, they’re fragile and weak, but very tender. This part really moves me.

I came into terms with the oldies thanks to my granny. I adored her, and think she was one of the finest people I’ll ever meet in my life. I miss you, yaya! You can’t imagine how much!

When I was a kid and my parents had plans for going out they used to send me to spend the evening-night at my granny’s and that was the best that could happen to me. I loved it! We didn’t do anything super special, we used to play cards, or the memory, I had very few toys there because I preferred being sat at the round table warming with the brazier and listen to her telling me stories about the Civil War or when she was young and rode horses in a male style, wearing trousers!

We got closer when I moved with her when teenager. I had spent few periods taking care of her before, when one of my cousins was on holidays. Yes, she was quite independent, but someone had to sleep at the house just in case something happened, beside the house was huge, and it was great for my cousins to study there, because everything was very quiet. But they weren’t coexisting, to say in some way. I did.

I moved to hers when I was 17, till I went to London 5 years later. It was meant to be something temporary but I decided to stay, although my parents weren’t very happy with the idea.

We started sleeping in the same room as when I was a kid, but soon she suggested we had our intimacy, and not for her, but for me, she was worried about making me feel uncomfortable.

We had meals together, watched TV together…it was very funny when we were seeing any hot scene in a movie, she immediately changed to another channel very nervous, hahah!

And she adored I was living with her with all my stuff coloring that sad and old house. Rock posters here and there, toys, figures, music all the time…she even accepted my messy bedroom! My parents used to call me just for commanding me to get it tidy. I was like, WTF? I’m not living with you and she doesn’t mind.

I used to admire the way my granny adapted to modern life, cordless telephone, video, microwave…she could cope with all the advances as if they had been there all the time.

Of course not everything was a bed of roses, and we had some arguments which became more often completely attached to her physical and mental declining, and my personal crisis about life…until I left.

Last years, after I came back from London, were still great. She was living at an old people’s house, well taken care, and my mum was visiting her every single afternoon. It was hard and sad for me, because seeing how the flame was turning off was kind of unbearable to me. I’m terribly sorry for not having visited her more often, although I think I did my best. She used to hold my hand for the 2 hours I was with her…I’m crying now, OMG!

And one New Year’s Eve, five years ago she left for good.

I remember her quite often and when talking about her I get very emotional, she’s the one who treated me the best, always accepted the way I was and didn’t care about my messy appearance at all.

From time to time I dream of her and wake up crying feeling both sad and happy, because my dreams are as if I was updating her of my life. Remember once I dreamt I introduced her to my former boyfriend and woke up feeling she actually had met him, for she was making the typical comments she used to. It was so beautiful. She was the best.

Therefore, whenever I see an old person, in a calm attitude, I see part of my granny, and for that I try to be more respectful.

All this has come to my mind when listening to this marvelous song by Neil Young

6 responses to “OLD MAN

  1. I remember one granny, my dad’s mom, but my memories of her are all very hazy. She always brought a fruitcake, that’s one thing I remember. Beautiful blog, by the way!

  2. I lost my maternal grandpa on a New Year’s Eve too, 2 years ago. I feel the same way you do 😦

  3. I love my maternal grandma to death too. She used to take care of me and my brother when we were kids and it was great fun. I also think we should respect old people. I get sad when I see them lonely.

    • Some of us eventually will be those people sat on benches on their own. I’ve always thought when I get old I’d love to share a flat with some friends as wasted as me to go to those benches together and talk about weather, watch people and be chilling out all the time.

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