I do what I want. I’m alone and don’t bother anyone, as long as I don’t hurt myself, physically or mentally anything goes…

Lately, I don’t follow many routines, fortunately I got a job that keeps me following a regular pattern and a schedule otherwise my life would probably be a complete mess, not in a bad sense, do not misunderstand me, but, you know, I don’t care much about schedules, don’t have obligations towards  no one and sometimes my behavior can be a bit erratic. Don’t panic! I’m fine! It’s just I need to focus on some stuff a bit more, nothing else, and guess this situation is understandable due to the past circumstances I was forced to live.

Certain changes are not easy, and sometimes  you prefer to delete every routine you had in order to re-start from the scrap, but takes time to create new ones.

I’ve been eating like shit no matter my new veggie condition, I don’t find pleasure in cooking just for myself because I can’t control the measures yet, so whenever I cook I do meals for 2-4 people, that’s why lately I love going to my parents’ and cook, there’ll be plenty for all and won’t be a waste.  Routine regarding meals has arrived, I’m quite skint and hate paying money for eating crap at work, so I’m organizing a meal schedule. It’ll be fine for both my pocket and my health. I’ll tell you about the outcome soon.

Anyway, I’m telling all this because this morning, right after the alarm sounded and while listening to My Morning Jacket’s Evil Urges, I’ve started taking pictures of myself, half asleep, because I was in a very good mood. Ain’t it silly? But who cares? I felt like doing it and like the peace reflected in my face this morning, nothing to do with the rest of shitty day I’ve had.

Yes, there’s nothing as cool as waking up with music sounding, it helps you to start the day relaxed yet very active, and in a positive way. Of course, you have to be a bit careful, although I enjoy Zeke I wouldn’t let that sound when getting in touch with reality, otherwise I’d feel like killing someone and guess I’d turn violent and aggressive. You have to choose something mellow, nice and better if cheerful, don’t you think?

Do you play music right when you wake up in the morning or you wait you’ve drunk a cup of coffee? If you do it immediately after the alarm rings, what kind of music you play? Or you just turn on the radio and listen to whatever?

Playing music when arising has become one of my new daily routines and I love it!

Although a bit depressive, talking about this is an excuse to offer you this marvelous song by Mad SeasonLayne Staley’s voice is hypnotic.


  1. Great pic! I don’t play any music when I wake up. I don’t want anything to disturb my peace at that time. I just need calm and silence. I like to wake up alone and have that first hour just for myself, music is not included, even though I need it constantly throughout the day.

    • That’s weird coming from you!

      Do you know what’s happened this morning? My Ipod alarm with speakers has died!! It’s been terrible not starting the first minutes of the day with music, I had planned to listen to Brian Jonestown Massacre, shiiiit!

      When I’ve started my morning routines I played Fishing for Luckies on the hi-fi…but it’s not the same 😦

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