Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Another good news filtered through the net: Danzig will be playing on Saturday, June 25th @ Azkena Rock Festival. Although there’s no official notification from the festival organization, the band’s website has confirmed it, and it’s gonna be awesome.

It’s true is not Danzig’s hottest moment, but who cares? I just wanna listen to Mother, Snakes of Christ and a bunch of hits from the early years, get pissed and sing as hell.

When I read it on FB this morning, I couldn’t believe it, man! A tear was showing at the corner of my left eye, and I’ve realized I was shaking for the excitement. There are still some bands able to make me feel this way and Danzig is one of those. I know it’s not going to be the best gig ever, but nevermind, Evil Elvis in front of me will be wicked!!

Still have my double room available to share, anybody interested??


  1. DANZIG!!! This is the news I needed to make a decision. Azkenaaa, here I gooo!!!

    I still have not made my hotel room search, so…

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