I know Amusing the Amazing cannot be considered a proper album, as it only includes four tracks, yet I’ve recovered from the shelf and I’m listening to it with complete pleasure.

Considering last week I chose one of QOTSA’s I’m definitely having a revival of my Stoner days, and yes, both bands are branches of the same mother tree: Kyuss.

Maybe it’s time to talk about Kyuss a bit. I don’t intend to preach on the wonders of the band, but they definitely left a huge mark on me, and many others.

It’ curious though that this is a cult band, totally underground, which never achieved major commercial success, but with the passing of time, were gaining fans all around the world.

I never saw them alive, however I think I’ve seen all their former members playing on stage in different projects, what is out of question is that they all are workaholics and love playing…and I’m grateful for that.

The two main brains here were John Garcia and Josh Homme, and it’s a tale like the way their careers developed once they split ways: Homme leading QOTSA and joining his strength together with Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones with Them Crooked Vultures, and John Garcia trying to find his definite project, away from commercial success and recognition, at a minor level.

People adore Garcia, no matter what he does, who he plays with, he’s a true metal head, and will be till the end of his days. From time he gifts us with projects such as Unida or Hermano, but Slo Burn, man, I reckon this should have been the one.

Amusing the Amazing has these perfect four tracks you can listen one time and another, and another…so heavy and powerful, with strong and consistent drums, guitars with distortion turned to 11, and awesome riffs. Then you listen to John Garcia’s melodies and screams and think “Damn bastard! How can you be so good?”

There’s too much hysteric pose regarding Kyuss, I get sick of fans and forget about the band for some time. I’ve even admitted I get tired of Garcia’s voice, but whenever I listen to this ep, as I’m doing at this very moment, you forget about that crap, he’s a fantastic singer for sure.

I hadn’t listened to Slo Burn for aaages, and it’s funny a friend of mine is passing through identical stage, he’s completely Slo Burnian, and we are commenting every day. There’s not much to comment when there are only four songs, but it’s kind of funny because we are like Beavis and Butt-head:

–          The starting of Prizefighter is amazing

–          Yeah man! Fuckin’ A!

–          I said I Pilot I Pilot

–          I said I Pilot the Duuuuune

–          Huh huh! Cool!

–          He he he he! I got it in vinyl

–          You’re a basterd motherfucker!

–          Huh huh! July is cool, man!

–          Yes, it is! I had drinks with John Garcia once

–          What?? Yo, biiiiitch!

–          Huh huh huh! Cool!

Which is my favorite Slo Burn song? Uhmmm, good question, very few options. For emotional reasons Pilot the Dune would be the chosen one, it was kind of single I guess, and first time I listened to it was like a bomb exploding right in my face. However, as I’m listening the ep among 4-6 times a day (yeah! It’s definitely too short), nowadays my vote goes for July.

So that’s it, this is my album-ep of the week, I strongly recommend it to all rock and riff lovers, don’t think it will disappoint you at all, and in case it does, here you are a wall where you can post your comments open to discussion.

Next week I’ll try to choose something more relaxing, or better said, easy listening, although it’s not going to be easy, I’m too active and beside I’m seeing Electric Wizard on stage next Tuesday. Anyway, I’ll try my best.


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