Shocked and overwhelmed by the sad news we’re constantly receiving from Japan after the terrible earthquake (and the tsunami), I’d just like to express how much sorry I am for everything that’s happening. I know my words might not mean anything to no one but feel like supporting all people affected from here.

I just got a couple of Japanese acquaintances and fortunately they’ve confirmed they’re fine, but as far as I know, many people and friends of theirs are still stuck up in Tokyo. It had to be such horror!! Shingo, glad you’re fine!

Not only Japan has come to my mind lately because of these events, but also because it’s been already a year since I travelled to this wonderful country. This visit was the most amazing experience I’ve lived, meaning my first contact with non western civilization and being shocked by such different culture. Moreover, Japan marked me in all senses, ending up becoming a definite point break in my life.

I only wish now to come back there and enjoy the visit in a different way, probably a more positive and pleasant experience, if share with friends I reckon that could be awesome. Hope I can manage to repeat in two years from now maximum, again, any friend who wants to join me, mark it in your calendar and feel welcome to come with me, at least I already speak few words, hahaha!

Japanese people shocked me for their willing to please attitude and their politeness towards the others. No matter there are language obstacles, they will try to helpful and make you comfortable. They’re very proud of their ancient tradition, no matter they admit old values are getting lost. Work means honor, and family is really important. National pride is also remarkable, if you make compliments about anything related to their country they will feel so pleased and would thank you thousands of times.

Tokyo became my favorite city instantly, so suffocating and packed, yet keeping  peaceful and beautiful getaways, as they’re very fond of nature. Old people usually complain about too much concrete in urban areas, Japan has developed into an advanced and rich society in such few time still many haven’t coped with changes in a smooth way.

Anyway, I do not pretend to share my poor wisdom about this country here, just want to make a point about that society, values so different to ours, and definitely how much I was affected  in just 15 wonderful days.

I miss Japan a lot, and have very fresh memories, it’s weird sometimes it seems an eternity since I was there, after so much crap swallowed, but sometimes is just like I was there yesterday. I usually take a look at the pictures, didn’t have the opportunity (and will never be able) of seeing videos, but images are still fresh in my mind.

If you have the chance to go there, please do it, I’ve never met anyone disappointed about the experience, and reckon you will not regret it.

One response to “I LOVE YOU, JAPAN (AISHITERU)

  1. I agree it must have been quite a disgrace. Hopefully they will get recovered soon as they did in the past… I keep your suggestion and put Japan in my ‘must go before I die’ list. ( It was there already).

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