Back to the old days when the 56k modems reigned, and a song took two hours to get dowloaded, my dear fratello Kiko sent me the four tracks of The Fun Things ep, making me a better person, or at least more rockin’ ;P

The history is curious, or better said, the lack of it, as the band was active for just one year, time enough for raising few hundred bucks and record this wonder. Four teenage kids from Brisbane, inspired by amazing Radio Birdman, managed to compose these devastating  songs, becoming years later, one of the symbols of Australian punk rock.

My friend also told me the guitarist Brad Shepherd was involved with The Hoodoo Gurus afterwards, but what I didn’t know, and it makes sense to me, is that this same guy, joined his brother Murray  for forming The Monarchs, releasing  another amazing record, Make Yer Own Fun in 2001.

Four songs to blow your mind, to get you wild and to fall in love with, dears, let me introduce you to The Fun Things, one of the bands which  have shocked me most  at the first hearing, I had a crush on them instantly.

5 responses to “THE FUN THINGS

  1. Let’s turn to leather age, put me on a stage and I’ll be a sa-va-ge!!!

    Fuckin’ A, sorella

  2. “Time enough for love” was a 56kbs hit!

  3. Haha HYSTERICAL…!!!

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