It’s a matter of days I’m going to become a rockin’ auntie: my brother Jorge and his girlfriend Verónica are about to have their first child, Eric (yesss! A boy!). Should be by the end of the month, but you know how unpredictable these things are, from now it can be any time.
My bro is 28, for me it’s unbelievable he’s changing his status so radically, because I’ve always seen him as my young bro, always a kid and a natural born problem child (no offense, Jorge! 😀 ). Nevertheless I’m already becoming truly aware of it, and it’s going to be another source of laughs, for sure.
I don’t feel very proud of my reaction when I received the news. I think my excuse is valid enough, I was swimming in a sea of crap those days, right in the middle of the lowest moment in my life, so I didn’t pay much attention and was unable to be happy for them. I’m really sorry about that, sometimes you cannot control your emotions and when you’re deep in shit, there’s nothing else. Period!
Fortunately, although we, Jorge and Toi, are veeery different, at the end of the day we get on well, so this weird situation didn’t last too long, and I recovered the illusion for their status. I reckon they felt uneasy with my reaction they couldn’t understand, it was the happiest moment in their lives and I was as if I didn’t care…But as long as Verónica’s belly has been growing up, I’ve been turning super enthusiastic about having a new member in the family.

 Best news I’ve received last weekend is that I’m officially the Godmother, yeah!! Last time I talked to my bro he started a speech about the responsibilities of being godfather towards a kid, that you should be supportive with the kid, and in case of family disgrace, how you’d substitute the parents, assuming the education and care of the kid. He’s actually right, this role has lost the proper meaning, nowadays being more a stupid compromise rather than actually deciding something that at a certain point could be really important. Anyway, coming from Jorge was a bit weird and I forgot about the issue…until Friday.
We were having a beer and all of a sudden, he said something like “you as the Godmother should do this”. My face was the most WTF? You can imagine. Once clarified and confirmed I was really happy, he just put one condition: for the Christening I shouldn’t wear jeans nor any skull t-shirt. That’s easy! I also placed my own condition; Eric will have Guns n’ Roses’ Appetite for Destruction as my present. If I’m gonna be his Godmother I’ll start his musical education immediately, among other obligations, of course.
I’m not so sure I’ll ever be a mum, still think I’d be a good one, no matter I don’t have this mother need at all, nor a partner. What I know for sure is the name in case I decided to have a baby: Axl. No further clarification should be required, right?
Anyway, there was the Godfather, Don Vitto Corleone, the Godfather of Soul, James Brown…from now onwards there’s the Godmother of Rock, and hey! That’s me!

4 responses to “CALL ME THE GODMOTHER

  1. Baby!! That’s just awesome! Being an auntie is quite great. (Still better if you get on well with your brother and you can see the child). Did you know I’m a godmother too? Of my first-born nephew Joan. However, I don’t see him anymore. It’s sad because since I don’t get on well with my brother I don’t really miss the child either… So, make the most of it and enjoy this little child as much as you can, I’m sure you’ll be a great godmother and a great auntie, just as you are a great friend 🙂

    • Thanks my dear! I’m very happy about my new status and the possibility of sharing my values and other stuff with the kid. The future is theirs!

      Sorry about your story with Joan, though, family relations are quite complicated, you cannot get on well with everyone nor you choose you family so this shit happens more often than desired.

      If I ever bring lil Axl to this world, you’ll definitely be the godmother because that kid will need some pop in his life, hahaha!

  2. Querida cuñada y hermana:

    Estamos muy orgullosos de que tu seas la madrina de nuestro hijo ya que no puede haber otra persona en el mundo mejor para esta nueva experiencia en la vida para todos.

    No ha sido muy dificil esta decision ya que eres una gran persona y no habria otra persona en el mundo que lo podria hacer mejor que tu.

    Ya se que al principio no fue todo muy acertado ya que nosotros estabamos un poco dolidos por tu reaccion pero tambien es entendible como estaba tu situacion, y en esta vida somos personas y nos equivocamos y no hay nada mas bonito en esta vida que que pedir perdon y saber perdonar.

    Has sabido rectificar y demostrarnos tu felicidad ante este nuevo acontecimiento en nuestras vidas y demostrarnos que estas tan feliz como nosotros de la llegada de esta nueva vida tan importante para nosotros.

    Que sepas que te queremos mucho y que nos encanta conocer a la nueva Toi.

    • Gracias por tu mensaje, te puedes imaginar que me he emocionado. Y más gracias aún por confiar en mí.

      Os quiero un montonazo y tengo ganas de que salga yaaaa, qué nervios!!!!


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