Since I was an early teen I’ve loved tattoos, and wanted to have one badly, but it took like 12 years to decide to get inked for the first time.

Every person has their motivations at the time to get inked, I’m the kind of romantic person whose tattoos must have some sort of meaning, at least for myself, or get inked at a certain moment, important enough to associate it to the tattoo.

Sad but true, the three tattoos I got were done right after my sentimental disasters. Probably it had to do with coming to terms with myself and starting doing what I please, and feeling inspired.

First one was in my right shoulder, 10 stars, 8 in black and 2 in red. I didn’t realize Joe and I were almost 10 years together, although the last years were complete disastrous. Nowadays everybody has stars, but they still look cool there.

Second one was a set of Japanese flowers in my back, the tattooist, was a friend of mine and he was at an early stage. He used to paint very well and it’s not a bad tattoo, but due to many circumstances, plus I moved to Barcelona, they were never colored. I plan to have them finished in the future, and improved, they’re quite nice actually, but could be even better. I’m very lazy sometimes and because I’m not the kind of exhibitionist girl nor see them much, I’ve never been very concerned.

These two were done in Spring, seven years ago.

The last one, I already published a picture in an earlier post, was done last November, after my last wreckage. My two permanent mates are Daruma eggs, totally inspired after my visit to Japan. They are meant to be sort of lucky charms. You ask for a wish or mark an objective an paint one eye. After one year, if you accomplish your target, you paint the other one, otherwise you leave the daruma one-eyed. I decided to have one of each, and to be honest I haven’t asked for anything. Life’s been fine sometimes, and terrible others, guess it’s the way it goes, huh?

Nowadays, as I’ve turn the page of my history book, and everything is get over, except for some paperwork and exchange of few crap, I’ve decided I’m getting inked once again, but this time for real pleasure, or pain, depending the way you see it.

Still under the influence of Japan, I’m having this at the back of the arm.


This is a typical Jap lion, a sishi, a temple protector. I took this picture myself in Kyoto and had an instant crush on him. I need someone or something to protect my happiness. It’s not so easy to find a person, although I have my super wonderful friends, but you know what I mean…Therefore, this lion will protect me for good. I like the idea a lot!

Sessions will start on April the 1st. Can’t wait to see the results. It’s gonna be a hell of pain and will take a bit to have it finish, but who cares? The lion will be with me for the rest of my life.

And I can tell you right fuckin’ now: This won’t be the last one!

2 responses to “INK INK INK!!!

  1. Hahahaha… Seeing this I’m afraid to get started! Sounds addictive!

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