I woke up this morning wasted, no matter I took a shower and had strong coffee, I’ve been zombie like for most of the morning.

To tell you the truth last weekend wasn’t a super party animal one, Friday was the day, but on Saturday we had supper at Agnès’ for her birthday and a couple of beers afterwards, that was it.

But dears, age is unbeatable in terms of physic condition at least, and sleeping in the couch two days in a row, despite it’s a very comfortable one, makes you pay toll, and my back is a little bit affected.

Combination of several elements can get you a bit down so easy, it’s unbelievable! Put my backache together with few hours sleep, some personal issue which is affecting my head more than I’d like to, plus it’s Spring, with all these weather changes and Toi at her most bipolar stage, and full moon and the beginning of the day has been pure and simple SHIT.

Fortunately I’m developing an incredible skill of cheering myself, thus I fought the above mentioned with simple things and thoughts:

First, I’ve looked myself into the mirror in scanning mode and again the result is been fantastic, I looked gorgeous this morning despite everything, and it was like “Hey girl! You look fine”.

And second, why the fuck should I feel down considering amazing plans and things coming soon? I’m seeing Ryan Adams in June, just before going to my favorite rock festival; I’m soon to be godmother and aunt, in fact, this should happen within this week no less: I’m getting inked in just 9 days; I’m seeing Michael Monroe in two months hopefully twice; and probably, my friend Hanna from Sweden is coming down to visit me very soon.

All these things considered I couldn’t but smile and say in loud voice: fuck it! It’s gonna be a good day. And it’s actually been, and you know what? Now I’m glad, because every single day I should do this, I should things of the good things that are happening and the good stuff to come, and if something or someone is causing me trouble, A. I gotta take it easy B. I must ignore the bullshit. I cannot afford been bothered at this point.

And here you are the opening song for the Soprano’s, groove and message all together which makes me think of great T.

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