I already told you since I’m living in the Hellhouse (in an attempt to pay tribute to Guns n’ Roses, I name the flat I’m living in after their first dirty joint where they used to live and rehearse), 15 minutes from my work office, I’m moving my ass there by walking, listening music, really find a great pleasure in doing this, and to be honest, I think helps me to start working in quite good mood.

Whenever you move somewhere out of habit, sooner or later you don’t notice anything surrounding you, specially early in the morning when you usually go in a hurry, in my case super fast because, no matter I’m a very on time person, for working, I don’t know whether there’s a time worm at home or what, I’m always late.

This morning has been different. My dear Agnès has stayed at my joint for the night, we needed one of these pajama sessions of pizza, beer, ice-cream and gossip (it was great fun!). I woke up earlier than her in order both to have our morning routines, and we’ve managed to leave home on time.  Unbelievable!

Once I was on my own, and realizing what a beautiful day it was, I’ve had the idea of taking shots of the daily path I walk every morning to the office, and the results have been great, the neighborhood I pass by, El Raval, has plenty of details worth catching with a camera, beside I reckon early morning lights are the best, plus the area is not so overcrowded as in the afternoon.

Here is a taste of my walk, you can check for more here

Hope you enjoy them…

And by the way, the soundtrack chosen for this morning was Echoes, Silence, Patience and Grace, by Foo Fighters

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