Probably my state of nostalgia caused by my crazy hormones (yes! This shit happens) induced me to listen to this album paying more attention, resulting on Queen of Denmark becoming the album of this week.

No matter my sanity and happiness have been restored, I’ve got charmed by these sad  and beautiful melodies and the personal lyrics which characterize Grant’s solo debut album…well, actually not solo, as he’s accompanied by Midlake, one of my best discoveries in 2010.

The story of this album is interesting. After John Grant’s former band, The Czars, disappeared, he was out of music indefinitely. Midlake, passionate for his talent, were the ones who really pushed him to start his solo career, offering not only their support but also their accompaniment, to make that real.

Thus, Grant together with Midlake, gave birth what’s been considered   the album of the year 2010 by music magazine Mojo.

There’s too much personal stuff reflected on lyrics, stories of broken hearts, drugs, booze and homosexuality are masterly told supported by amazing piano performances and great dose of darkness and melancholy. They are really moving and impressive.

I can’t get out of my head songs as Marz, Where Dreams Go To Die or Jesus Hates Faggots, to be honest, for more than a week, I need my daily fix of Queen of Denmark. I adore Grant’s nasal voice and those melodies… really addictive.

For those interested, John Grant will be playing in Madrid, in June 18th, at a Heineken festival. Unfortunately cannot make it this time, but from here, I encourage you to assist to such event, sure it’s going to be an awesome experience.

Here is one of my fav tunes of this album

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