I love gossip and rumor in music world, more specifically in rock.

When a non official news regarding a tour, a band reunion, an upcoming album or something similar, gossip starts and hysteria follows. There’s nothing compared to that.

I usually participate on music forums and when something like this happens, people get craaaaze!

I remember for instance, after 15 years waiting for Chinese Democracy to be released, and the machine of gossip started, and went on and on, until eventually the album was to come to life, officially, and all the fans were shocked, pleased, nervous, going to the record stores to see if there was any copy available, no matter there were still 3 or 4 days left for the date of release. Some of us managed to have a copy few days in advance and that was awesome. The world stopped for few hours, as we were listening to the damn CD once and once again, feeling relief because a dream had come true, and flipping with the songs, because although it was a Guns n’ Roses album, it was actually Axl above everything. Wow! Seems so long time ago!

Today, after doing some errands and having a couple of strawberry daiquiris with two friends, I’ve starting surfing the net to get my daily dose of updating my world and read a friend’s post on FB commenting on the reunion of one of those bands praised and loved at the underground, which back in late 90’s deeply marked some of us: D-Generation.

You cannot imagine what their album No Lunch meant to me back in the day: a straight punch in my face and a door open to new worlds of sound.

Not only he was commenting on the reunion but also on the likely (and hopefully) visit to Spain. Apparently the band has received an offer they hardly can refuse.

Once I’ve read this, I’ve been crazy searching for websites, links, forums and yes, the gossip has become true at last, GUITAR MAFIA STRIKES BACK!!!

Their first gig confirmed is in September 17th, at the classic Irving Plaza in NYC. I reaaaally need to see these guys and will move my ass wherever just to see them playing this

News like this really make my day, and help me being grateful for my existence, yeaaah!

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