Smoking kills, of course by now everybody knows that. It’s a fact, nothing inhaled can be good for the lungs.

I’ve been a social smoker for many years, associating a fag to both socializing and having a beer. Unfortunately, since my “divorce”, everything’s changed and I’m smoking too much. Nerves and anxiety were the main cause for me smoking compulsively. My aim is reducing if not quitting for good, but need my state of mind to be more relaxed. Not that I feel bad, but I’m socializing too much to stop it radically. I’m positive sooner or later I’ll make up my mind and take measures…but now it’s not the right time.

Anyway, recently many rules regarding smoking prohibitions are being applied. I do honestly agree with most of them. I already commented on the prohibition at bars, restaurants and public places. I’m completely up to that, however many people keep on complaining.

However, increasing prices justified as a campaign to prevent smoking seems a ridiculous measure to me. It’s true some people eventually will give up, but I don’t really think this will stop regular smokers to stop their habits, just exactly the same with alcohol.

Today, I’ve been surprised by the new campaign of consciousness against smoking. First we had to endure those nice messages saying that smoking kills, smoking can cause impotence, cancer…still ok with that. But now, you can find beautiful pictures on the boxes, like this one

What do you think about this? A bit too much, huh?

Ok, I’m addicted to cigarettes, but also to coffee, tea, chocolate and loooove.

I don’t think smoking can be compared to shooting heroin. Of course it CAN have side effects and CAN cause cancer, but after long time, physical decadence is not as extreme, and smoking a cigarette is not an upper such as cocaine or a downer as a joint or a fix.

My point is, I’m ok with campaigns preventing smoking, or making smokers be aware of the risks but I don’t have to encourage a gesture by which I feel compared to a junkie, no fuckin’ way!

Is this artistic and creative campaign really necessary?

2 responses to “OK, OK, I GET IT!

  1. Es la foto de “fumo crack”! XD

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