I apologize for not updating the album of the week on time, really I’ve been busy and Friday, the day I usually take for deciding which one must occupy this position was nonstop.


After the confirmation of D-Generation reunion, and a couple of tour dates in the US, I recovered this album, No Lunch, a MUST for me, as it had special influence in me back in the day and meant a step beyond from what I had listened earlier. To be honest, this album introduced me to one of the music genres I love most: punk rock.

D-Generation stomped into my life, same as in many others’, thanks to the magazine Popular 1 Rock n’ Roll, the rock Bible in those times when Internet was sci-fi and you had to buy press in order to be updated of what was going on overseas. I even remember the cover crystal clear as if it was yesterday, with Jesse Malin and his excessive look. I had to listen to these guys ASAP!

No Lunch, only speaking about aesthetics was impressive. Digipack with that cover with the wrecked lunchbox, the pictures and everything carefully chosen…not being as extreme Wildhearts’ singles artwork, this was just awesome.

What about the album? Wow! I really got shocked first time I listened to it. Opening with Scorch is like receiving a punch in your head…the rest to follow are simply brilliant songs, Capital Offender, No Way Out, She Stands There…all of them! From top to bottom No Lunch is so cool! Its energy, combined with voice  melodies and powerful riffs, really gets you on the top. I couldn’t stop listening to it once and once again.

Then, Scandinavian punk rock knocked at my door, and I got crazy for bands such as Backyard Babies, The Hellacopters or Gluecifer, but I always had a priority place for the guys from NYC.

No doubt No Lunch stands in my Top 20 of 90’s albums.

People surrounding me not interested in music cannot understand the way I feel when hearing about the reunion, witnessing gigs confirmed, getting closer and closer. I’m really excited.

Last news is that they’ll be playing in Madrid, on September the 3rd. Let’s see if there are more dates confirmed in Spain, otherwise, I’ll have to move my ass there, because I won’t miss them under any circumstances.


3 responses to “ALBUM OF WEEK 13 – NO LUNCH

  1. This CD is on my TOP 5 of the 90s for sure.

    Capitaaaal offeeeeenderrrrr tana naná!

  2. Ill do my best to see those guys on stage!

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