This one has been a very different yet complete weekend. I’ve done plenty of different stuff with different people and it’s been fun overall.

As I basically passed away on Friday night, completely exhausted, on Saturday morning my energy was fully loaded, up to anything interesting someone might propose.

A nice and young couple I’ve recently met through our common friend Agnès, proposed to visit the Museum of Funeral Carriages in Barcelona, so I joined them. Gemma is also into photography, in fact she’s great, thus as soon as we entered the huge room, we both pulled out our cameras and started working on the beautiful and great preserved vehicles used  for carrying coffins during late 19th century up to 1950’s.

It might seem morbid, but it’s very interesting to discover the way the dead were honored on  their way to eternal rest. Funeral ceremonies have changed a lot, so the mourning, customs and habits related.

Details in carriages also show plenty of symbols also attached to death. Not only crosses, but also you can find owls, the Alpha and Omega Greek scripts (beginning and end), angels or sand  clocks, highlighting Time is unavoidable.

You can check out what I saw here

After heading downtown and having lunch, Pauline joined us for the second part of the day. We went to CCCB to visit the exhibition of Disappeared, by Gervasio Sanchez, a photo documentary focused on the disappearance of people in trouble times in different countries, being Colombia, Argentina and Bosnia and Herzegovina the most detailed and highlighted.

From detention places for torturing people, to objects  the relatives keep as treasures, and also the process of identification of the bodies once exhumed…many aspects of this almost unknown and cruel reality are portrayed in this set of shocking and rough pictures, taken with the utmost respect and most delicate manner, still a horror most of us are unaware of. Really impressive.

Yes, it was a kind of death theme Saturday, weird and shocking, yet very interesting , I recommend you both activities if you have the opportunity.

Eventually, evening ended as most Saturdays lately, having beers, laughs and very good fun.


  1. Tu si que eres great! jejejeje

  2. The “Desaparecidos” exhibition is really breathtaking 🙂 Glad you went, everyone should see that. And WordPress too 🙂

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