Yesterday was a very important day for me. My sister in law checked in at the hospital for monitored childbirth. My nephew was so comfortable inside her belly he didn’t feel like coming out to the real world, and had spent more than 40 weeks inside an oasis of relax and pleasure.

Apparently the process for provoking the delivery is not as easy as I thought. Well, it’s funny considering I haven’t the slightest idea of what pregnancy is, so I made up my mind that it would be like taking a pill and then voilà! No way, Veronica had to spend about 15 hours of suffering till Eric decided it was time to say hello.

My day was both weird and peculiar, yet I was in very high spirits. I spread my nervousness and happiness to everyone surrounding me. Many friends were checking up on me to receive updates. If you think about it, most people don’t know my bro, yet everybody sympathized with the event, and because I’m so happy about becoming auntie, they showed what I positive understood sincere interest on the matter. My friend Jaume was so supportive the whole day…

The news was not as good as expected in the evening, everything was going really slow and seemed that the possibility of surgery was being considered not so remote.  

I met Jaume for our beer Thursday evening and when it was time to go home, my parents called me telling they had been summoned to hospital as seemed Eric wanted to meet them at last. Nervous again, arrived home, waiting for a phone call that could take some time.

Eventually my father rang, asking whether I had received a couple of MMS with pix, but I didn’t. Shit shit! I wanted to see the kid!!

When I received the picture I was so concentrated analyzing what I was seeing, it took some time to notice my glasses were all misted up because of my tears. I was crying of happiness!

All of a sudden an enormous  feeling of loneliness took place in my heart. Yeah! I know it sounds too affected, but indeed I got that feeling, I needed someone to hug and to share my happiness with…but I was home alone.

Luckily we are in the age of progress, calling curfew doesn’t exist any longer, and you are available or not just by switching on/off your mobile phone.

I texted Jaume, who replied in 30 seconds, and then called my friend Agnès, and kept on crying out loud to her. She got it, understood what I was passing through…and gave me relief and support. I was given a virtual hug, that one I needed, and didn’t feel lonely anymore.

My dear Claudia had told me to call her once the baby was born, but didn’t want to bother her, as it was almost one o’clock at night, so I also texted her. After 10 seconds she called me back. I felt so great about it!

This is the way things go, you can be alone yet don’t feel lonely. I learned the lesson yesterday once again, and I’m glad and grateful for having such wonderful friends by my side. 

Thank you!!


3 responses to “ALONE…YET NOT LONELY

  1. Congratulations Toi!! 🙂

  2. Pero que cosica más mona!! And he’s growing even more beautiful!!

  3. I’ll see my nephew in a week…can’t wait!

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