This week I’ve been organizing my music stuff at home. I’ve realized many CD’s are missing and am a bit worried about not recovering them back, not many whereabouts, just my ex-house and unlikely a friend’s I stayed at for a while, so the options are quite tight. Let’s get fingers crossed for my sake!

Anyway, this week I’ve checking on stuff I got a bit forgotten, and cannot stop listening to The Runaways’ debut album, self titled.

These girls were absolutely wild, and a total inspiration for the female side of rock: they played great, lyrics and riffs were powerful, and got attitude. Moreover, they used cowbell, yeah! It’s unbelievable they were just a bunch of nasty teenagers full of rage.

Everyone has heard Cherry Bomb, which is a damn kick ass hit, but songs such as Lovers, Is It Day or Night? Or American Nights, rule my world.

I bought this digipack edition in Japan and is super cool, like an exact copy of the original vinyl edition, gatefold, with the plastic envelope for the CD, and lyrics are apart, all included in a two sided sheet, not a very pleasant reading, though, characters are too small. In addition, the Japanese touch is there. A special sheet for lyrics in Jap characters, four sizes bigger than the original, and the OBI. I love it!

To understand a bit more about The Runaways, here you are a review written by another teenager, Lisa Francher,  for BOMP Magazine back in the day, I’ve particularly found very cool:

The Runaways are everything that’s great about teenage girls. The tough ones who never came to school because they were out too late the night before. It’s true, there have always been as many girl punks as boys. The Runaways are as real as getting beat up after school. Their songs, are about juvenile delinquent wrecks, sex, growing up wrong, and parties.

The white middle class suburbs were bound to have their outbreak of teen troublemakers, that’s The Runaways. Their roots are TV, hanging around and going to Hollywood on weekends because it’s the only thing to do after five days of school and partying. They make you hear the frustration of teenage life, and even more, the utter-bone-crunching boredom of nothing to do and nowhere to do it.

The Runaways aren’t just “an all-girl band” or an exercise in women’s lib. They’re a rock and roll band. They’re rock and roll. They’re for real.

A total declaration of principles which doesn’t need to be discussed. Now, let’s rock!

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