Tough guys look greater than the athletic and posh ones.  Leather, white t-shirts, tattoos, grease, motorbikes  and cigarettes are way much more appealing.

I particularly enjoy these films with these troublemakers, always ready for a fight, yet sensitive enough to fall in love usually with the wrong chick.

I’ve been reviewing The Outsiders, by Francis Ford Coppola and that would be the most accurate example of what I mean. Everyone who likes this kind of films sympathizes with the characters: female side wants the rough attitude combined with tenderness,  and on the other hand, blokes love their masculinity…and of course the beautiful girls involved in their stories.

The stories related are sad and hard, the characters never have an easy living, and most of them end in drama.

Marlon Brando, James Dean, Mickey Rourke and Matt Dillon always come to my mind… I find them terribly attractive, and the look great when they smoke.

Which ones would be the most outstanding films in your opinion?

2 responses to “PUT A GREASER IN YOUR LIFE

  1. I love these characters on paper but I ended up hating them once I saw them on the screen. I used to love Susan Hinton novels when I was a kid and I got a bit shocked when I watched the movies years later. Still, I sort of like Rumble Fish. The movie itself its far from being one of my favourites, but Mickey Rourke makes it a masterpiece. Or I should say: his performance was a masterpiece, pure art work, hypnotic, se come la película. Definitely not the same generation but I used to love Basketball Diaries back when I was a kid. I should say my favourite bad boys movie though is… Cry baby!! 🙂

  2. Oh, and even though Brando is on my top 5 all-time favourite actors, I’ve always wanted to punch Johnny Strabler. As for James Dean… the only thing I don’t like from his movies is him. I have a love hate relation ship with this type of characters. As in normal life I guess.

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