Duff McKagan has always been my favorite Gunner. Not just because his appearance, he was a punk, and always loved his on stage attitude. Moreover, with the passing of time, he’s proved he loves rock, and his personal projects are not ruled by money, but for passion.

Loaded was originally formed by the ex-bassist  in order to be the  supporting band for his solo project, Beautiful Disease. After several changes in the lineup, the band went to the studio to record their amazing debut album Dark Days (2001-2002).

I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to that album, I simply adore it, and there are few songs with sort of high emotional load on them…who introduced me to Loaded is not close to me any longer, yet I have to thank him, because I really love this band.

Anyway, whenever I think of Loaded, Dark Days is the main reference, but lately I’m listening to their second album, I had the opportunity to see the band introducing almost 4 years ago at a festival, before it was even released. I’m talking about Sick.

After 7 years hiatus, period in which McKagan focused on Velvet Revolver until Scott Weiland left the band, he, Jeff Rouse, Geoff Reading and Mike Squires, rejoined to record this album.

This brings to my mind another of these freak stories of mine. There are some CD’s, even vinyls, still sealed, because my former boyfriend and I both bought them, so I used to kept mine in the shelves, completely untouched, and I’m honest, it wasn’t for Ebay selling purposes.

Three years after I bought it (the single CD is still there, perfect, with the price sticker on it), the special edition no less, on Monday I decided it was time to open it. I hadn’t listened to Sick for ages, a couple of years for sure. I had plenty of time because I’ve taken a week off from work, and have been spending it listening to lots of stuff among other things.

I’m glad it’s had same effect as Dark Days had back in 2004 when I first listened to it. Can’t get Sick out of my head. I’m not up to decide which one is best, there’s no need to take positions, I just can say this album is another punch straight to your face, but combining with more groovie songs and even ballads like. Songs such as Sick, IOU, Translucent (Jeff Rouse singing, I like this guy by the way, really nice and polite when I assaulted him at the festival) , Forgive me or I see through you, are good battery chargers and awesome kickass hits.

Loaded is not dirty punk rock such as D-Generation or Backyard Babies, label them as you want, rock, hard rock, punk rock…they definitely rock, Duff rocks, and there’s no other way possible.

Do you wanna move your ass and headbang, or go by strong walking anywhere? Sick is a pretty good option.

And new album named The Taking is about to arrive…let’s see which surprises the guys in Seattle have ready for blowing our minds. Can’t wait!

2 responses to “ALBUM OF WEEK 15 – SICK

  1. This just reminded me that I haven’t listened to Neurotic Outsiders for quite a long time… Duff’s definitely my favourite gunner as well; it’s a guy that no matter what he does, it is full of dignity. I didn’t specially like Believe in me but Beautiful disease was great, and I guess I have to give Loaded a second chance. Among his projects Neurotic Outsiders has always been on my top.

    • Wow! Neurotic Outsiders and that impossible-to-find album I want so badly! They were cool! Even 10 Minute Warning…everything Duff touches turns into something interesting, don’t you think?

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