Hi again!

I’ve been so out this week enjoying my week off, I haven’t written much lately.

Been in Mañoland (aka Zaragoza), my hometown, with my newborn nephew Eric and enjoying my friends. Great weekend, and lots of laughs, I really needed to disconnect from Barcelona a bit, and the experience has been really pleasant.

I’m fascinated with my friend Claudia’s style, very unique, no doubt. She usually wears headscarfs combining with her clothes, and dyes her head in different colors from time to time. Now she’s a girl in pink, I love it!

Few days ago I was considering  copying her, do something different. I used to wear a blue headscarf I adored when I was like 13 or 15, but in different style. I find this accessory really vintage style and reminds me of the old ads of Coca-Cola and similar stuff…very pin-up like.

My friend helped me to find where to  find then and bought two, red and blue, my favorite colors and easiest to combine with my outfits.

And here is the result, which does not disgust me at all.



Thus, dear friends, what do you think? Can I go out like this or forget about the idea?

Your choice will be highly appreciated

2 responses to “A TEST IN STYLE

  1. I will def go like out like this with ma red lips and ma red manicure. very 50 touch LOVE!!!

  2. Already voted for a total 100% YES!! 🙂

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