You know in meetings with friends, after certain level of alcohol in blood, there’s always a topic of discussion that never ever fails: SEX.

Depending on the level of acquaintance and closeness, the subject may vary from stupid comments to more developed subjects, you know, porn, documentaries, even personal experiences…you know how this goes, or at least you should, I’ve always thought talking about sex is healthy and enriching.

Well, last night I don’t know who we got to this stage, we ended up, once again, referring to this. All of a sudden, somebody commented about a documentary broadcasted on Discovery channel that scientifically stated  all the spermatozoids from a single coming aligned would cover a distance of thousands of km, let’s say from Barcelona to NY. That’s a lot, don’t you think? Question following was, what if you haven’t had sex for a couple of months? Would that mean 3 worldtrips? Hahaha!

Anyway, conversation diverted to new technologies applied for mobile phones. And you might be thinking, What the fuck is Toi talking about?

Men are always thinking about shagging, period. Wanking is essential, again, period!

I was explained yesterday about one application for mobile phones called Wank-O-Meter. Slogan needs no further clarification: technology at the service of your sexual life.

What is Wank-O-Meter about? Statistics are more present and important in our daily lives than we think. The application helps you get real-time stats of your exercises, providing calories burnt, and other features. You just need to adjust your phone to your arm and start the workouts. Having these references, you’re guided to improve and eventually if you take it serious, would help you to enrichen your sexual life.

Website is very complete, explanations, instructions, personal area, and testimonials.  Awesome!  You can check it out here

If any of you, after reading this, has been encouraged to use Wank-O-Meter, please feel free to let me know the outcome, and enjoy!

By the way, this post is dedicated to the Mañoland Crew. I love you!

3 responses to “WANKER! THIS IS YOUR POST

  1. Speaking of which… check this out :-):


  2. This is just crazy!! XD

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