From time to time you get to know bands you haven’t paid attention on purpose by accident, and eventually you fall on your knees wondering how you’ve managed  to live without them for so long time. This happened to me with Heart.

I gotta admit prejudice has been a constant in my life, up to the point I used to hate Kiss thinking they were horrible heavy metal or something like that. You see me now? I adore them. With this, you gotta learn to avoid judging for appearances, names or even fans.

Still there are some cases you cannot help it. Heart was the band always included in those crappy compilations sold for Saint Valentine’s. You remember Burning Heart and crap like that? I thought this band was the typical unbearable AOR bands for American milfs.

For all music or moreover, rock lovers, Guitar Hero was like paradise in video games. You were able to play over songs you love: Guns n’ Roses, Danzig, Megadeth, Aerosmith…all these bands were present. So was Heart! Crazy on You and Barracuda were the first songs I consciously listened and they really made an impression. Powerful guitars and beautiful voice melodies…these two Wilson sisters rock!

As soon as I went to NYC and stepped into a record store I bought the first two albums, Dreamboat Annie and Little Queen, and let me tell you I spent several weeks just listening to those two albums. They are a MUST.

Little by little I’ve been increasing their discography and right now I’ve got around 7-8 albums in CD, and 3 in vinyl. Not sure which one is my favorite yet, probably Dreamboat Annie and Bebe Le Strange.

Not having properly focused on their late 80’s stuff, it’ssomething I’ve got remarked in my pending-to-do list. What I reckon is that their first five albums  are just pleasure for the ears and I really love all of them.

Do yourself a favor, don’t feel scared for the name of the band, Heart are definitely bigger than life.

Joaquin! Another post dedicated to you. You know whenever I listen to Heart I think of you 🙂


  1. Thank you Toi!

    What can I say? They are one of my top bands. You know I ♥ Heart!!!

    I really like their 80s albums, they are plenty of great songs… but I understand they can be too much cheesy for some tastes… Not my case!

    I discovered their 70s albums many years laters and I also was shocked… What was that?? Joni Mitchell meets Led Zeppelin? Folk, hard rock, beautiful acoustic guitars, powerful electric riffs, amazing melodies… and an awesome singer… Heart songs are very hard to sing!!!!

    HATS OFF! Ann & Nancy I salute you!!

    • Indeed they are, still we should try to sing one on Friday, are you up to it?

      As commented, gotta start with 80’s stuff, I currently have Heart, Bad Animals and Brigade…any other you reckon I might have?

      I haven’t had time to listen to their new release either and heard very good reviews, you like it?

      • Already you have the essential 80s trilogy (Heart, Bad Animals & Brigade). If you want to start to enjoy these songs, maybe another good option is “The Road Home”, an acoustic live album. If you listen the “unplugged” versions of superhits like “Alone”, “All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You” or “These Dreams”, without the flashy 80s production, you will see how wonderful songs they are…

        I like the new album, it’s not one of their best, but they are in good shape.

        Have you tried to sing along Heart songs at home? It’s impossible to sing like Ann Wilson!!! Ok, maybe we can try on Friday, but it can be a disaster… What would you like to sing? Magic Man?

  2. … hummm… first time I’m visiting your blog since you’d gave me the address, related to the topics about the tattoos I’d opened in Riff (hope you remember who I am) and I’d read that particular post. I must confess I’m not sure if I should write the comment in English or in Spanish, or nevermind… however, let’s go to Heart! Well, I don’t know nothing about that band, but … BARRACUDA!!… one of my favourite songs of that 70’s hard rock… the funny thing is that for me, Barracuda is directly linked to one night I had to spend, due to professional reasons, with some colleagues at the USA, and after the dinner we went to some kind of bar with videogames machines, including Guitar Hero, playing barracuda constantly (the guys were not really familiarized with the songs at that machine, but barracuda and a few others). So now, I listen that guitar intro and if I close my eyes, I just can see red, green and yellow rounds… damn it!

    • Sure I know who you are, Rusty James 🙂 Glad you’ve visited this blog once more.

      You can write in the language you feel like, I do this in English for practising purposes and also because I feel I can express certain things better.

      Regarding Guitar Hero and Heart, same happened to me for long time, specially with Crazy on You. In fact, after more than two years without playing, last New Year’s Eve I played that song and realized I had learned the guitar line of the chorus by heart, never better said! I can see you were medium player for the colors you comment, hahaha!

      Honest, you should give them a try…they’ll blow your head!

  3. Added to my list of bands to listen to 🙂

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