Easter holidays are here and I’m broke! Need to plan some activities so I don’t get bored, nor all my friends in the same situation.

As you already know I’m lucky to DJ in a cool rock bar here In Barcelona called Outsiders. I suggested this weekend for many reasons, I’m broke and wanna have some fan, it’s one of my closest friends birthday and if possible, to warm up the bar with as many people as possible. Seems that it’s gonna be another good night and although don’t expect the place overcrowded, many friends have confirmed they’re in the mood for the event.

I’ll try to register all the songs I play, as with the last month session. Don’t have anything prepared at all, don’t have the slightest idea, but sure I’ll come up with good ideas in the end. Just a beer and friends surrounding me are enough to help me finding the inspiration. I’m in good spirits as well, no matter it’s being a tough week. I’ll let you know the outcome for sure, although it would be greater if you could make it on Friday 😉

I haven’t planned anything yet for Saturday, it’s Saint Jordi, the day of the rose and the book. Guys give roses to their chicks, girls give them books for presents. As I’m not in such traditions and don’t have boyfriend either, I’ll probably buy a couple of albums I have in mind: Sensory Overdrive of Michael Monroe (I don’t have it yet, this is an unforgivable sin!), and The Taking, the album my beloved Loaded have just released this week.

Sunday is to be another awesome day, cuz I’m having another Grindhouse session with my friends at my Hellhouse. Three films have been chosen, this time is just for laughs: Slapshot, Back to School and Napoleon Dynamite. If you feel like joining us, give us a call, bring a six-pack and let’s have fun.

Cool plans, ain’t they?

6 responses to “EASTER PROMISES

  1. I got my six pack ready. I neeeeeeed to see the Hanson Bros again!

  2. hey, those DJ sessions sound cool! I’d like to see one of them… already checked where’s that bar 😉 … is it in the same place where once there was a bar called Hoochie Coochie?

  3. Pretty close, but not the same, this is bigger and more comfortable, and mojitos are outstanding! The bar is placed between Girona and Bailen.

    Hope to see you soon!

  4. It’s been a most wonderful weekend 🙂 I need to join one of your movie sessions!

  5. I’m counting on that, you can’t imagine…people got mental when watching Slap Shot. When Hanson bros jumped to the court, shouts were heard everywhere in the building.

    We’re thinking next session will be held up right after our Monroe weekend.

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