This week is being a bit weird in general, got the feeling I’ve been a bit erratic, although I haven’t done anything remarkable. Beside weather is so unstable sometimes I’ve been a bit down, in a melancholic state. Spring sucks in this sense…yet I’ve managed to cope with it, focusing on writing and listening to music, what would I do if music didn’t exist? Most likely I’d be a piece of boring shit.

Anyway, again subject about choosing the album of the week has come to my mind. Sometimes I know for sure which one should be, but I think because lately I’m listening to such good stuff and my mood swings very often, it’s getting terribly difficult to decide.

Thus this time there are gonna be two albums of the week, both classic and essential in my life.


These guys are so cool! The mass completely ignores them despite their hit single included in Pulp Fiction soundtrack, Girl, you’ll be a woman soon, but they are sooo good!

Yet I can recall TV appearances here in Spain. Once poor Nash Kato had problems with his playback (playback sucks, by the way!) caused by his microphone stand and the mic going its way…terrible moment!

The synonym most accurate for this band would be ELEGANCE. And the only definition for this album is PERFECTION.

Choose any song and you’ll love it. Kato’s voice is so charming, songs are so varied, no matter whether it’s Erica Kane or Dropout…they’re fantastic.

If I had to choose among all the songs, personal favorite I reckon to be is Positive Bleeding, with a sentence that from time to time comes to my mind, and can apply to myself: I live my life with no control in my destiny. Then you have Sister Havana, Tequila Sundae

I saw them on stage few years ago at Azkena Rock Festival and were amazing. And nw, all fans are still celebrating they’re back in business, releasing a new album, Rock&Roll Submarine, and tour having a date confirmed in September at another festival, together with D-Generation. Don’t know how I’ll make it, but won’t miss them at all.


When I’m this state of temporary nostalgia, I usually resort to this album to ease such feeling. And it’s not precisely because it’s a cheerful album, just the opposite, it’s quite dark and sad.

One of my top 5 favorite bands ever is Alice in Chains. I got to know them thanks to an old acquaintance who was very important when I was 17 and I reckon left his mark on what I’m now (Felix, wherever you are, you were cool, man, but an asshole too. I’ll always give you the credit for this). He was really passionate about the band and I’ll never forget the way he described their second album DIRT, written under the influence of the most terrible and threatening drugs, yet amazing. And he was right. With such review I went straight to the record store and got myself a copy. Since then, I felt in love with that combination of metal tunes with amazing melodies created by Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell, so evocative and scary at the same time.

After Staley left us 9 years ago, Cantrell started his solo career releasing Boggie Depot, a compilation of songs reflecting sadness, nostalgia and personal nightmares. I felt a bit reluctant to check it out until another friend of mine told me he was completely hooked up on it, so I gave it a chance. I’m so glad I do trust some people taste and advise…

Starting from Dickeye, the first four songs are none of this world, still they all are great. Between, My Song…wow! Priceless!

When listening to this album you realize Cantrell is a genius and was the actual brain of Alice in Chains, but of course Layne’s charisma and amazing voice and attitude left the musician’s wonders hidden a bit aside.

Check him out for the proof…


  1. I want Nash Kato to marry me. Èxit the dragon and Saturation are bigger than live and Somebody elses body is an outstanding song! 😉

  2. Just bought Exit The Dragon for EUR 4.31! What do you think?

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