My hair looked like a scourer lately so I’ve decided to pay a visit to the usual hairdresser’s this afternoon.

I’ve been thinking I want it to grow longer, I’ve been cutting it quite short for many years and I must confess I love feeling my hair alive, especially when headbanging. But you know, after several months just having my fringe cut, hair was damaged and required an important cleaning up.

I’ve been going to the same hairdresser’s for seven years. As soon as I moved to Barcelona, asked a close friend for a decent place and she recommended me this place. No complaints, although staff is constantly rotating and it’s impossible to have a fixed stylist.

For this reason, it’s luck which decides whom you will entrust  your head.  You know how this goes, you ask for just 2-3 fingers cut shorter and when you leave the place half of your hair is being swept away.

Hairdressers go mental as soon as they realize they have possibilities in being creative with a customer. I’ve been a victim of one of these nutters today.

The guy, although not gay, and quite freak by the way, has told me a story once he’s listened to my request, which was very simple: cut to clean, cut my fringe…I want my hear longer, so give it shape, pleeaaase.

He’s cut more than expected but shape is ok, my fringe a little bit longer than supposed in one side but everything seemed to be under control. But! Hairdryer moment has arrived and God! I’ve tried not to laugh loud but I was watching my transformation and was thinking “as soon as I arrive home I’ll go straight to the shower”. He’s put a kind of gel to enhance my curls and hydrate my hair at the same time, and he’s started making curls…

I was smiling, because I couldn’t laugh, and I’ve managed to  define my look as genuine…but just one question has been coming to mind nonstop:



I reckon if I gave him freepass to do what he really wanted in my head I would have an afro right now. And the jerk has remarked, to increase my pain, that messy and curly hair was the style that suits me best!! C’mooon!

Thank God everything will turn to normal by tomorrow morning…Now you can laugh!

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