World is getting crazy, and human kind can be despicable, and here is an example.

I’m not talking about bombs, nor wars, forget about terrorism or criminality…it’s much simpler than that. I’m talking about cheating.

Most of the relationships broken I’ve seen lately have failed for this reason. It’s disgusting.

In theory everybody agrees couples must be based on honesty, loyalty and respect among other values. In real life this is frequently not carried on. Ok, I’m not focusing on that now, I rather not to, otherwise can get really angry and start vomiting crap, which is not my intention at all, and as Rambo would say: this is not my war. At least right now.

On Saturday, Agnès and I were having a walk and all of a sudden noticed one of this big advertising boards reading this

We couldn’t believe it! A website just for cheating your partner!!! For a minute or two I really thought and hoped it was a joke, but this website exists, you can check it out here if you want.

Few days ago we had a discussion regarding these websites such as Meetic and all this crap for meeting people. At the end of the day, I don’t think that works, or at least doesn’t work for me. But it’s ok, you’re single, you’re looking to get laid, and that’s an option, fine.

But this is totally different, this website is encouraging or suggesting you gotta shag with someone else, as if what you’ve got is not good enough.

I don’t pretend to moralize but this is complete bullshit. You’re not happy with your relationship? Solution is definitely at your hands, it’s your choice, but cut the crap and don’t resort to placebos.

Making money providing such service is… (put the adjective you feel like, I’m too pissed off to be objective or polite). Using this service is nonsense.

What’s Love nowadays? Some kind of utopia or what?


  1. Terrible y asqueroso!

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