Yesterday somebody asked me for the gigs I’ve enjoyed most ever. Shit! That’s one of the most difficult questions to answer, impossible to reply instantly, plus there are many shows to come.

I’ve been thinking of a top 20, because a top 10 wouldn’t be enough, but then it’d be too long, plus, no matter whether the list names 10,20 or 30 bands, I’m gonna be regretting all the time for forgetting this or that band, so…let’s make it once and for all, following a chronological order.

Here they go!


At that time I already adored this band, but wasn’t conscious of what they would mean for the rest of my life. Guns n’ Roses are my favorite band, and they were the first ones I had to move my ass from my hometown to see on stage.

I was 16, my parents wouldn’t allow me to go to Madrid on my own, thus I managed to gather money for my father’s ticket, as a birthday present. He liked them and couldn’t refuse. Eventually, he had so much fun as to give me the money back.

The trip was crazy, it was organized, and the coach was plenty of diehard fans packed with booze and joints. By the time we reached Madrid, everybody was pissed and stoned, me and my dad included.

The show was great, despite the fact that Izzy wasn’t in the band anymore. And yes, Axl went on stage almost two hous later than supposed. Didn’t mind.


I wasn’t a big fan, in fact, I wasn’t to excited about going to Madrid to see Kiss, but I had given Rock n’ Roll Over to my boyfriend as a present, and he insisted I should go, so finally I accepted.

I had to help him and another friend with the make-up, and remember while going to the venue, people stopping us to take some pix.

I was left on the stands, half babysitting two kids in their 15’s, scared for so much noise and the explosions. I started to vibe and cheer up with all the show, fire, explosions, blood, guys flying…it was awesome! Remember when Paul Stanley came flying  towards us singing Love Gun, and there he was, on a platform, 10m from when we were. I had a total crash, fell in love with the band for good.

Kiss is a band you should see at least once in your lifetime, and the younger you are, the better. I’d pay millions for seeing Kiss when I was fifteen.


I had been living in London for 3-4 months more or less. Weather was crap, my job at a laundry services factory was shit, and living with my boyfriend a nightmare, plus I had had a huge argument with him hours before.

The previous night, the Swedish were meant to open for Monster Magnet and Rob Zombie, but unfortunately due to doors opening delay, they couldn’t make it. Still I got the chance to talk to Nicke, and moreover, have a long chat with Dregen, who ended up being really cool and I promised to bring him a bottle of Spanish wine the day after.

The show was organized by the band fan club, and not being members, we weren’t allowed to get in the venue. It was freezing, raining, and we couldn’t believe it, until he came out for changing his creepers for his ragged sneakers, Dregen came straight to me and asked what was going on. I explained, and he begged, I swear, to the guys at the door, to let us in. After some talks we made it, for free, so I spent all the money on merch, and gave him the bottle that he drunk during the show.

The Yo-Yo’s were the supporting band, a blast, but then Backyard Babies came after, and God, such energy and rage were unfuckinbelievable!


My first gig as a single, I went with a friend from my hometown who was spending summer working in London. I was a bit down yet in the mood for having fun.

The venue was very small and we were around 100 people. Before the show, I was sitting on a pool table, and the guys in the band were asking me for my lighter all the time. It was like a big family having a party, we jumped onto the stage, danced and everybody got crazy. They were introducing my favorite Hellacopters album, Grande Rock.


I received the news that Black Sabbath original lineup were performing their first show in London when I was on holidays in Spain. My friend Lukas called me after he tried to buy a pair of tickets unsuccessfully, apparently they were sold out in just a couple of hours.

Once back in town, I heard of a new ticket selling place and gave them a call, in order to buy one for Iggy Pop and try luck with Sabbath. And I won, but just one, at the initial cost, 19.50 pounds. Tickets sold by scalpers were over 350.

Later I knew that it was kind of launching, not a proper tour gig, so most of the audience were guests and media coverage.

I cried, and screamed, most of time on my own, although at the end of the gig, people were hugging each others, moved by happiness for real.


I had already seen Fu Manchu twice before, but this time it was kind of pre-launching of California Crossing mixed with King of the Road, the venue, able to hold barely 150 people, was overcrowded, and once again everyone got crazy.

It was so full of people, some in the first rows got hit by Scott Hill’s guitar. Fuzz was so loud, I had this uncomfortable whistling for a couple of days. It didn’t mind, I got what I wanted.


The unfortunate performance and bad attitude of the singer years before have forced a kind of veto into this country, so if you feel like seeing him performing, be sure you’ll have to move your ass somewhere else. This is gonna happen next month, I’m going to see Adams to Portugal, and happened three years and a half ago.

My ex and I arranged an exciting weekend in London with three gigs in three nights: Adams, Alice Cooper with Joan Jett and Motorhead, and as special dessert, Lucinda Williams.

Adams played for more than two hours. I liked him, but not as much as I do now. He introduced Everybody Knows EP, and the feeling I got it was as if Heaven was down to Earth. I got these flashes, these sparks in my mind, very fresh, I will never forget. I was listening to beautiful songs with my beloved one, felt grateful for what was happening, and was also aware of being really happy…shy tears brought out from my eyes…everything was perfect that night.


I had already seen The Wildhearts twice, one at the festival in Vitoria, and second, one month after seeing Ryan Adams, in London as well.

Once the gig was confirmed we bought the tickets thinking they might be sold out. No way, this doesn’t happen in Spain,  this band is doomed or something here, venue was even changed to a smaller one, which in the end was better, because we were closer to the band, packed and one thing was for sure, those 100 people there, were diehard fans of the band.

It was party animal gig, jumping onto the stage, sweating, we lost our voice…I got the set list and a pick from CJ. Everyone was so happy! It was a “I was there” moment, once in a lifetime, full of magic.


I had seen Young at a festival in UK I worked for, back in 1996, and got really impressed at the time. Although I always liked and respected him, it took me many years to take him seriously and become a devotee of uncle Neil. Gotta give the credit to my ex, he became completely obsessed and eventually convinced me I should pay him more attention.

When Young came to Barcelona, it was the right time, and enjoyed the gig a lot, surrounded by good friends. Once again, I cried. You can’t get enough of Young on stage, he could be playing for 4 hours, sure you’d like him to play four more.


I reckon this was the best show I witnessed last year, so great, I’m seeing him in two weeks twice, here in Barcelona, and two days after in Madrid.

Monroe is one of the finest front men ever, set lists are like bombs, and this guy sweats and shit energy wherever he goes.

First time I saw him in London, on my own, and was another party with the guy stage diving, jumping, climbing and everything. I was in shock!

Last year was mayhem at the venue, supported by an amazing lineup, he left his balls on the stage, the setlist was just perfect, and they sounded best ever.


It’s two o’clock already, I’ve been thinking on this post for many hours this afternoon, but started writing very late, and with all the decisions, memories back, and all the stuff, I’ve been here for two hours. I will edit the post and add some pictures, probably when you read this, they’ll be already uploaded.

Many bands and shows have been left out, but it had to be 10.

I feel lucky for still being able to feel passionate about live music. Many people who go to gigs on a regular basis, have lost this emotion or illusion, you name it. I’m able to cry of happiness, get excited to abnormal levels when a date of a band is officially confirmed, and feel the groove in the pit, standing right in front of a band.

Some other day, I’ll talk about stuff collected from gigs, you know, setlists, picks, drum sticks…there’s stuff all around my Hellhouse.

 I know you feel shy regarding writing comments in here, I don’t care the language you use as long as I can use Google Translator, I beg you, I’d love you to participate telling me those gigs which have left a mark on you for the rest of your lives.


  1. Good’s a list of the ones I can come up with without thinking too much:

    Paul McCartney @ Palau Sant Jordi (Barcelona, 2003)

    Mudhoney @ El Sol (Madrid, 2007) – Actually there’s a DVD of this show, released by Munster Records. I didn’t realize they were recording it.

    Editors @ Razz 3 (Barcelona, 2006)

    Mogwai @ Sala Multiusos (FIZ Festival, Zaragoza, 2009)

    The Police @ Olympiastadion (München, 2007)

    Piano Magic @ La Casa Del Loco (Zaragoza, 2005)

    Supertramp @ Palacio de los Deportes (Madrid, 2010)

    Nudozurdo @ Joy Eslava (Madrid, 2009)

    Michael Rother & Friends present NEU! Music @ Primavera Sound (Barcelona, 2010)

    No Age @ Sala Heineken (Madrid, 2011)

    There are many more, obviously, but it is quite late and it’s taking me more thinking than I thought.

    • Miiike!

      thanks a lot for taking your time to reply and make your list, not so easy, right? I see your list is very very eclectic and varied. I really think that’s good.

      Which are the hottest shows you’re waiting to see this year?

      • well, well, lemme see..

        North Mississippi Allstars nezt week..that’s gonna be pretty cool..

        M. Ward the following week..

        Día de la música fest in june (Ron Sexsmith, Destroyer, Lykke Li…)

        and, in July..two AMAZING shows:

        ZZ TOP (July the 14th) and NEUROSIS (22nd)

        how about you?

      • Well, considering I’m quite broke due to my debts to the IRS, future events I will assist for sure are the following:

        MICHAEL MONROE – Shows in Barcelona and Madrid (hope to see you there!)

        RYAN ADAMS – In Oporto, with this guy, you must move your ass or die

        ARF 2011 – you know, QOTSA, Danzig, Ozzy, Kyuss Lives, Avett Brothers, Bright Eyes, Cheap Trick, Setzer… It’s gonna be a blaaast!

        THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM in July. I love these guys.

        There are many other bands I’d like to see in between, but not sure whether I will afford them.

        And if in September, God Almighty is good to me, I’ll go to Turborock to see D-Generation and Urge Overkill

  2. Well, I have to say I do love this post of yours, Toi!! I’ve been thinking a lot! because I haven’t been to a hundredth part of the concerts you’ve been to! And I have to say I envy you. Honestly, I can’t remember how many concerts I’ve been to but I’m going to tell you the ones I do remember. Let me say first I remember when you went to see Guns N’ Roses with your dad in Madrid! We were in high school together, remember that??

    Anyway, this is my list, well sort of:
    Aerosmith, June 10 1994, Plaza de Toros, Zaragoza

    Patty Smith, summer 2008, EXPO Venue, Zaragoza

    Diana Krall, summer 2008, EXPO Venue, Zaragoza

    Harry Connick Jr, November 7 2007, Sala Multiusos, Zaragoza

    Leonard Cohen, September 15 2009, Principe Felipe, Zaragoza

    Rolling Stones, September 23 2003, Zaragoza

    Eli “Paperboy” Reed & The True Loves, April 9 2011, La Casa del Loco, Zaragoza

    REM, May 28 2005, Zaragoza

    Eleutheria Arvanitaki twice in Zaragoza!!

    G’night luv!!

    • Hahaha! Sure I remember we were at high school together, how could I forget? It was the summer I didn’t pass maths and started an intensive course on electric guitar which ended up being total bullshit!!

      I was at the Aerosmith gig too, 7 days later I started dating Joe…for 9 years!!! Remember we were meeeelting, and the gig was awesome!

      it’s not my intention anyone feel jealous about me going to many gigs, I basically spend most of dough on gigs and CD’s, just that.

      Did you ever travel to see any band?

  3. -The Stooges. Azkena 2003.
    -The Who.Zaragoza 2006.
    -Black Crowes. Azkena 2009.
    -Kiss. Zaragoza 1997.
    -Iggy Pop. Zaragoza 1994.
    -Ac/Dc. Barcelona 2000.
    -Motley Crue. Zaragoza 2005.
    -Diamond Dogs.Zaragoza 2003.
    -Junkyard.Barcelona 2009.
    -Pearl Jam. Badalona 2006.

    • Pamp,

      hemos coincidido en un montón de bolos, y de hecho algunos los hemos visto juntos. Que sigan y que disfrutemos…



  4. Xavier Moragas

    Mother Superior BCN 2005

    David Bowie BCN 1990

    Lucinda Williams BCN 2009

    Chuck Berry Girona 2005

    Tom Waits BCN 2008

    Rolling Stones BCN 1998

    AC/DC BCN 1996

    North Mississippi All Stars London 2006

    Diamond Dogs Girona 2003

    Kiss Zaragoza 1997

    Esto es imposible,me han marcado otros muchos.No sé porque hago esta lista,me duele poner solo 10.

    • Como decía, da igual que hagas una lista de 10, 20 ó 30, siempre te vas a dar de cabezazos porque siempre faltará alguno del que tarde o temprano te acordarás.

      Desde luego lo que es un hecho es que a los amantes del rock, la gira de reunión de Kiss en el 97 nos marcó de por vida. Grandes!!!

  5. Que complicado! he ido a muchisimos conciertos, pero casi todos de grupos locales en casales punkis! jejejeje no recuedo fechas, así que como mucho pondre lugar y grupo o grupos

    1. Good Riddance + Snapcase + (varios grupos más que no recuerdo pero yo fui a ver Good Riddance y flipé con Snapcase) – En Zeleste (cuando el Razz aún no era Razz)

    Fue mi primer concierto alternativo sin papas y conseguí una foto con el calvo de los Good Riddance 😛

    2. The Hives – Apolo (hace como un par de años, disfruté en plan fan)

    3. Stand Still – Sant Feliu Hardcore Festival 2000 (cuando aún gritaban)

    4. Marlango – Fnac L’illa Presentación “The Electrical Morning” (he de decir que escucho todo tipo de música)

    5. The (International) Noise Conspiracy – Razzmatazz 2

    6. Cinder – Rock and Trini (no solo un concierto, muchos! ;))

    7. F-Minus – The Guitar Player (L’H)

    8. Jimmy Eat World – Sala Bikini

    9. Based on a lie – La Nau (La Roca)

    10. The Offsrping – La Vall D’Hebron (aunque no fue la gira presentacion del mejor CD, cantaron los clásicos… fue el primer grupo “alternativo” de música que escuché)

  6. Oooooh! Jimmy Eat World, son geniales, tia!!

    A Hives los he visto un par de veces, aunque el año pasado en azkena llevaba un pedal que no me enteraba de nada…

    Snapcase…uhmmm, interesante!

    Gracias Gemma!!

  7. Preguntita jodida, Sorella, con la mierda de memoria que tengo…

    1. Love – Florencia 2004
    2. Black Crowes – Paradiso, Amsterdam 2006
    3. The Dictators – El Sol, Madrid 2001
    4. Ac/Dc – Las Ventas, Madrid 1996
    5. Hanoi Rocks – Tavastia, Helsinki 2009
    6. Redd Kross – Azkena Fest, Vitoria 2006
    7. John Fogerty – Puerta del Angel, Madrid 2009
    8. Neil Young – Edimburgo 2008 (Esperaba más, pero ese Ambulance Blues vale por todo)
    9. Marah – Azkena Fest, Vitoria 2006
    10. Michael Monroe Band, Madrid 2010 😉

    • Fratello, otro a mencionar Gluecifer concierto de despedida por mi cumple y el de Flamin’ Sideburns, que por cierto, he encontrado la camiseta que me regalaste!

    • Ese número 10 lo vamos a vivir a lo grande rock! jojojo! Ganazas!!!

      Fratello, gracias por la lista…y gracias a esos Dictators, que fueron definitivamente el nexo de unión para conocernos.

      Luv ya bro!

  8. Con mucho dolor me he dejado alguno fuera, pero estos 10 son impepinables:

    KISS, 1997, Palau dels Esports, Barcelona

    Backyard Babies, 1998, Mephisto, Barcelona

    Heart, 2010, Ryman Auditorium, Nashville

    Mötley Crüe, 2005, Pabellón Príncipe Felipe, Zaragoza

    Marah, 2007, Apolo, Barcelona

    The Black Crowes, 2009, Azkena Rock Festival, Vitoria

    The Wildhearts, 2008, Razzmatazz 3, Barcelona

    AC/DC, 1996, Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona

    Skid Row, 1995, Zeleste, Barcelona

    Guns N’ Roses, 1993, Estadi Olímpic, Barcelona

    • Podríamos hacer una lista alternativa con lo que nos hemos dejado en el Top 10 y sería espectacular igualmente.

      Me repito, Kiss, Mötley Crüe (que yo nos puse en la lista y fue un super bolazo), AC/DC, Guns n’ Roses…se nos ve el plumero! 🙂

  9. Here we go!

    The Rolling Stones. 2.007. Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys. Barcelona. The greatest rock band in the universe played “Respectable” !!!
    The Black Crowes. 2.009. Azkena Rock Festival. Vitoria. It was a great night!
    The Jayhawks. 2.008. Azkena Rock Festival. Vitoria. Original line up + Tomorrow The Green Grass.
    The Dogs d’Amour. 1993. Sidecar. Barcelona. It was my first REAL gig, first time I drove my car to Barcelona and shared with my good old friend Dani.
    The Wildhearts. 2.008. Razzmatazz 3. Barcelona. Unbelievable…
    Velvet Revolver. 2.004. RAzzmatazz. BArcelona. Toi knowks why. 😉
    Marylin Manson. 1.997. Palau d’Esports de la Vall d’Hebrón. Barcelona. Antichrist Superstar Tour. Enough said.
    GNR. 2.010. Olímpic de Badalona. Badalona. First time i saw AXL on stage…
    The Fuckland’s Invasion. 2.008. KBG. Barcelona. Our first gig. It was the first time i have some free drinks for playing guitar!!!
    Parsifal, Wagner. 2.011. Gran Teatre del Liceu. Barcelona. Sometimes you understand something.

    • Definitely The Wildhearts show was an “I was there” one, atmosphere, set list (by the way, I got it!), the band, the audience…everything made that gig perfect. Hope they can make it in Spain soon.

      Regarding Velvet Revolver, I took it into consideration when thinking of the list, but to be honest, it was more a certain moment rather than the whole show. When Izzy went on stage, it was one of the happiest moments in my life, shared with you especially, we even cried and hugged each other, that was the closest we were to see of Guns n’ Roses original lineup up to date. It was magic!

      What can I say of The Fuckland’s Invasion debut? I was there too! It wasn’t my first gig as a front woman, yet was one of the funniest. Remember the sandwichito moment? I really miss those times, we could do an ’11 comeback special perhaps, with my chicks, whatcha think? 🙂

  10. Hahaha, Sandwichito Incident was bigger than life! I have some pics of it.

    You can do a featuring whenever you want. You know we keep a couple of songs on our set list for you to sing.

  11. Fiuuu… difficult question.

    Bon Jovi, Molinon, Gijon, 1996
    Pearl Jam, Badalona, 2006?
    Motley Crue, Zaragoza, 2005
    Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Paredes de Coura, 2005
    Rolling Stones, Estadi Olimpic, Barcelona, 2003
    Velvet Revolver, Barcelona, 2004 (for the afore mentioned reasons)
    Type O Negative, Barcelona, 2007 (it’s a fan thing, can’t help it)
    Dogs D’amour, factoria d’arts de tarrasa, 2003?
    NIN, Buenos Aires, 2008
    Twilight singers, Amsterdam, 2011

    Although I’m not a big fan I enjoyed M Manson on 2005 in Badalona soooooo much that it should be on the top 10. Another alternative list would be just a wish list… It would be pretty long this one 🙂

    • You can go ahead if you want, feel free!

      It’s actually a nightmare of question, I loooooved Mötley Crüe in Zaragoza, but didn’t include it, so imagine…

      By the way, I saw Afghan Whigs in UK more than 10 years ago and wasn’t so impressed. Truth is that I had barely listened to their stuff, but although sound was great and Dulli was fine, didn’t shock me at all, probably my reaction would be different nowadays. You gotta tell me about the show asap!

  12. Hahahahaha….20 more!!!

    – Mötley Crüe. 2.005. Zaragoza.
    – The Quireboys. 2.005. Mephisto. Barcelona.
    – Hanoi Rocks. 2.005. Razz 2. Barcelona
    – Drive By Truckers. 2.006. La Casa del Loco. Zaragoza
    – The Cult. 2.006. Razzmatazz. Barcelona.
    – Lucero. 2.007. Apolo 2. Barcelona.
    – Pearl Jam. 2.006. Pavelló Olímpic de Badalona. Badalona.
    – Gluecifer. 2.005. Mephisto. Barcelona.
    – The Hellacopters. 2.005. Apolo. Barcelona.
    – Backtard Babies. 1.998. Mephisto. Barcelona.
    – Zeke. 2.003. KGB. Barcelona
    – Jonny Kaplan. 2.006. Apolo 2. Barcelona.
    – Willie Nile. 2.008. Zac Club. Barcelona
    – Live. 1.995. Sala Estandard. Barcelona.
    – Tesla. 2.007. Apolo. Barcelona
    – Aerosmith + The Black Crowes. 1.999. Palau Sant Jordi. Barcelona.
    – Cinderella. 2.010. La Riviera. Madrid
    – Neil Young. 2.009. Primavera Sound. Barcelona
    – Supersuckers. 2.002. Razz 2. Barcelona.
    – Los Deltonos. 2.002. Alcora

    • Shit, it’s too late! I’ll think of 20 more tomorrow, but definitely these will be in that list:

      – Mötley Crüe. 2.005. Zaragoza.
      – The Quireboys. 2.005. Mephisto. Barcelona — This was crazy!!!
      – The Hellacopters. 2.005. Apolo. Barcelona.
      – Gluecifer. 2.005. Mephisto. Barcelona.
      – Aerosmith, 1994, Plaza de Toros, Zaragoza.

      You see? 5 already!!

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