Unfortunately I arrive late for wishing you a great Star Wars day, which was yesterday.

For those who didn’t know, someone very bored thought of  May the 4th as the day all the diehard fans of the Saga should celebrate the Star Wars day.

Cool and stupid at the same time, I reckon I prefer honoring the trilogy rather than AIDS day, Gay Pride, Women’s or St. Valentine’s, it makes more sense to me for sure.

Guess you already know I love Star Wars considering I wanna marry Han Solo, right?

The classic saga has been with me since I was 5, I reckon by this age I started having real conscious memories. A friend of my parents recorded me videotape copies of the classic saga, I kept watching for many many years.

I was lucky my father took me to the cinema to see The Return of the Jedi, when was released, and then he bought me the comic…I learnt all the dialogues by heart, I swear.

The bitter point was that, culture and education in Spain didn’t admit I wanted to have Star Wars toys, because I was a girl. Same friend who recorded the videotapes had a son, and he gave him the Millenium Falcon among others stuff, and he really couldn’t spend as much dough on me, so he brought for my 6th birthday the Space Airgam boys, different but pretty cool as well, which for obvious reasons, became my favorite toys ever, until I was 14, when my mood was more into going out and meeting boys.

As time has passed, I’ve been developing absolute passion for the Sacred Trilogy, and although I’m not into collections, I’ve got plenty of stuff related: several t-shirts, books, figures (Gonzalo, I still keep that storm trooper you gave me few time after we became friends), bags, posters, soap dispenser, mugs…always want more!

There are three targets related I want to accomplish before I die:

  1. My own Millenium Falcon.
  2. Marry a guy dressed up in Han Solo’s costumes.
  3. A real size Carbonite Han Solo standing in my living room.

You wanna help me to be the happiest girl in the galaxy?


  1. Hi There! I enjoyed reading this post so much since I am a huge SW nerd since I was born. It’s funny to know your first movie at the cinema (out of this trilogy) was The Return of the Jedi, as it was my first too. I remember it so well, as it was for my sixth birthday when my father told me he was going to drive me to Barcelona for the movies. Also regarding the Kenner toys, my first tooth under the pillow got me a Darth Vader toy in exchange. The toys became an every year requisit for Christmas and birthday. Shame on me that I lost a whole bag plenty of them when we moved to Vilanova!!!
    Apart from that, let me review your wishes: You should be already a happy woman, having as many friends as you have. Think that finding a parking place for the Falcon in Barcelona may not be that easy after all. And you better find a nice guy first and then get him to dress up like Han’s. Thirty years after the mov was released, no one can tell his pant’s aren’t cool!!
    Also, having some guy trying to make his way through the wall is not something my wife would like that much, so I would have more than enough by having a beer together on thursdays, and staring at your piece of art carbonite solo.

    • Hahahaha! can’t stop laughing!!!

      OK, regarding the Falcon, a scale reduced version would be enough. And yessss, first I gotta find my man, which I think is the most difficult target, I’ll probably have the carbonite Solo before finding any freak freaker than I am 🙂

      As far as for beers on Thursdays, you can count on me anytime, hahahah!

      Thanks for your comment, you’ve really made my day!

  2. Now here’s a new tip for ya: Find a guy and if he does not want to dress up like Solo, Freeze the shit out of him into carbonite and hang it on yer wall ma’am!

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