How many people you know are left handed? Are you a lefty yourself? I am, and although this post doesn’t  aim to be an eulogy, feel like talking about the subject.

Much part of my childhood was affected by my condition, which nowadays would be surprising and even ridiculous, but yes, somehow I felt kind of misfit sometimes.

My  parents decided I had to go to a private school, you know, a Catholic nun school. Thus at the age of four, when you start reading and writing and all this stuff, one of the first things my dad had to do, was to authorize or better said, advise, that  I should develop the hand I was meant to, as I tended to used my left hand all the time. Why? Because even though dictatorship had already ended, nuns still believed in this concept of using the left hand, also known as the sinister hand, was something wrong and diverted, and punishments and shock treatments were applied. With this, I mean your left hand tied up with a rope so it was blocked, or being hit with a rule. Reckon I witnessed such things.

Handwriting was definitely THE issue. When you learn writing, there are standards you must follow at school. Depending on the countries characters change, here was my daily nightmare. Strokes were thought for right handed, with all the letters linked. I wasn’t able to do it properly, and apart from being practicing all the fuckin’ day, whenever I had done something wrong, I was punished to fill one of these horrible handwriting notebooks, repeating shitty sentences once and once again.

My handwriting didn’t improve until I started going to a public high school, where nobody cared about it, thus without any pressure I developed a quite decent style.

Handicrafts were a pain in the ass too. Comments regarding my poor skills were always present in my school reports. Cutting was terrible, and line drawing a mess. I used to trade drawing homework in exchange of English, or even paid for having it done. Cheating in drawing class is very sad, but I had to pass the damn subject at any cost.

And suddenly, basic articles came to my life. You can’t imagine such pleasure being able to cut stuff properly with my lefties scissors, or open a can with a good tin opener. Marvelous! However, same as with poor Ned Flanders’ Leftorium, these stores didn’t last long.

When I moved to London, one of the first things I noticed, was that many people were left handed, I was no longer part of a minority! Quite common there, I didn’t have many problems but, precisely there, I improved the use of my right hand.

The way some things are designed, requires certain sharp movements. If trying with your left hand, no matter it’s your strong and skillful hand, sometimes it doesn’t work. This happens with things to be turned or twisted. When I was a barista at a coffee store, and trying to fix the handler to the machine, it usually got loose and water started to pour, ruining everything. I managed to start using my right hand, and combined with other stuff done with the left, eventually Toi ended up being, cross my heart, the fastest one making coffee, as movements were calculated and accurate to the max.

Thanks to such  experience I really can handle with both, improving my life quality, believe it or not. I’m not an extreme lefty anymore. Here you are examples:





Drink beer whenever I smoke


Drink beer



brush teeth

Open doors with keys


Left eyelashes

Right eyelashes

Make-up: mascara




comb hair / hairdryer



Fork when using knife at the same time

Fork alone / knife


handling tools

Cutting with scissors



Remote control



Play vinyls


bottle opener

tin opener


punch in a face

play drums

shoot darts



computer keyboard

whisk eggs and others


stir food

crush garlic



peel food





Others… 😉


One question I gotta ask you, you reckon left handed people are freaks? Or even smarter? I’ve been hearing all kind of comments, I’ve been called freak myself, and I’ve even got to know people attracted and fascinated with this.

I wouldn’t say, we are handicapped, but considering society is trying to adapt things to disable people (very slowly, that’s true), why lefties don’t seem to exist?

2 responses to “GOT A QUESTION, AM I A FREAK?

  1. Sure your a freak, not only for being left-handed. 😉

    Nice pic!

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