Dear friends, readers and/or followers, first of all, want to thank all you’ve participated and squeezed your brain sharing the list of the 10  most pleasant gigs you’ve enjoyed. I know it’s been hard to decide, not only for quality in shows but also for sentimental value. The post is still open for those who still wanna contribute, and on the other hand, I’d encourage the participants to submit a list of those gigs not included yet remarkable for one reason or another.

Once this said, again, it’s made me very happy to notice that, although you still feel shy about writing and participating, you peep this blog, and consequently I feel encouraged to keep on writing stuff to catch your attention and entertain you for a while.

Again, feel like testing you with another top list.

It’s time to talk about Elvis here. I’m thinking of an extent post talking about Elvis’ influence on me and my life, which I can advance you, it’s huge!

My Elvis mania or Elvis fever, gets more acute and intense in Spring-Summer for no apparent reason, but it’s a proved fact, from May I start re-flipping with the King. It might be he’s sexy, a definite alpha male type, got a very sensual and manly voice, and because warm seasons turn us hornier…whatever! It’s the season of Elvis.

For the season launching, I’ve recently bought two documentaries essential if you are a proper fan of the King:



Of course, by now and at more than reasonable price, you should have 68’ Comeback Special, and Aloha From Hawaii. Do it or take the risk of dying sadly and miserable when the Apocalypse raiders come to get you…I’ve already warned you.

Elvis never wrote a song during his career, yet he was a master choosing compositions he’d turn into super hits. Procedure was very well explained in Guralnick’s biographies on the artist.

Anyway, he was a machine when delivering amazing performances and there are infinite songs in many compilations.

First question I’m creating a poll here is to know, which in which stage you love Elvis the most, not only regarding songs, appearance can count on your decision, voice, performances…

 I particularly love 70’s Elvis in all senses. The starting point no doubt was ’68 Comeback Special. Elvis was so sick of acting in each time worse film projects he really felt the need of doing what he was best at: singing and performing. Once he got released from his obligations, after a long and hard struggle, mainly with his manager, Colonel Parker, he returned to stages, seeking for the warmth of the audience. You can feel the illusion and excitement in his performances and the way he controlled the band, how much he enjoyed and really had fun, and on a negative way, sadly, his physical decline and fall.

Enough of filling, let’s get back to basics: Top 5 Elvis’ songs


Every time I listen to this song, a knock at my stomach appears, it really moves me.

I wish I was in Dixie away…


I feel like dancing with this song, and always remember Elvis’ karate pose and dance in Vegas that reaaally turns me on.

Vicious woman!


Pity he never made it, shame on Parker!! Elvis depicting Spanish women as insane…he didn’t know what he was talking about.

  1. IT’S OVER

Elvis talking about the end  love and broken hearts… Last summer I used to listen to this song on a daily basis, probably to make up my mind and convince myself that was true.


No matter the quantity of bullshit you’ve swallowed, Lord, you gave me a mountain this time.

Now my friends, it’s your turn, could you name your top 5 Elvis’ songs? I really wanna know!


  1. Xavier Moragas

    Auque no es santo de mi devoción y no soy muy entendido,si que puedo elegir 5 temas:

    Burning Love

    Guitar Man

    Suspicious Minds

    Return to Sender

    Viva Las Vegas

    Ya se que son bastante típicos,pero son los que,por diversas razones,mas me han marcado.

  2. Elvis es la vida. Te multiplica las emociones por mil, ya sean de felicidad y jolgorio, o de dolor y desespero…

    Un top 5 de esos de aquí y ahora:

    If I Can Dream



    An American Trilogy

    I Just Can’t Help Believing

  3. My top 5 right here, right now, in no particular order…

    – Little Sister
    – Walk a Mile On My Shoes
    – Polk Salad Annie
    – That’s Alright Mama
    – Burning Love

    My favourite Elvis era… THE 70’s. This guy was the SHOW-BUSSINESS. A lot of show, a perfect voice until the fall and a lot of bussiness too.

    • Glad you’ve included Polk Salad Annie in your list, it’s a blast, and Elvis performing it is so funny.

      Regarding the show business, I dare to say it was his manager, Colonel Parker, who really invented the concept of merchandising, or that’s what I concluded while reading Guralnick’s biographies on the artist.

      70’s performances are unbelievable, I really enjoy Elvis having fun on stage, you see the guy enjoying, laughing, interacting with audience, constantly forgetting the lyrics (you know somebody very close to you who always has issues with them ;), completely uninhibited, and in total control of the band…he was the best.

  4. Ok, aunque con varias cervezas de más, vamos allá:

    1.- supicious minds… Pero su versión en directo, cOn un tempo más rápido
    2.- something: George Harrison consiguió un estándar en toda regla
    3.- in The ghetto: o la rabia contenida en una canción
    4.- Mistery Train: hay otras versiones… Pero no son de Elvis
    5.- See See rider: menudo groove tiene este tema!


    • Estoy de acuerdo con Something, interpretada con una intensidad brutal, y si, See see Rider es un starter para sus shows absolutamente definitivo.

      Espero que te hayan sentado bien esas cervezas.


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