You can finger point at me for being repetitive, I reckon I’m very in Urge Overkill mood, but for an obvious reason: they rock!

My love for this band has been increasing with the passing of time, no matter they don’t have a very extensive discography, but you know, at the end of the day, it’s quality rather than quantity what makes a band great and indispensable.

After 16 years, the band has come back to a recording studio to deliver this album, Rock & Roll Submarine, which, fortunately, maintains the essence and elegance the band kept us used to.

The album was released on Tuesday, and since then I’ve been listening to it nonstop. My verdict is positive, as you can imagine, considering I’ve selected it as the album of the week. I dare to say most likely it’s gonna be one of the best albums I’ll have the pleasure to listen to this year.

I love every second of the album. Mason / Dixon as the starter is typical U.O, which means a relief and the sense of confidence the stuff is going to be good. First three songs keep a powerful tempo, followed by Poison Flower, slowing and giving you a break, and of course, confirming Kato has one of the most personal and charming voices in the bizz.

After listening to the album, at this moment my favorite song is Thought Balloon. I can’t get it out of my head, and even at work it comes to my mind very often. But then it’s Quiet Person, and I’m getting on my knees. Shit! This album is awesome!!!

Guys, you got to listen for yourselves, I’m too excited to be objective, I feel very enthusiastic right now, and can’t stop thinking they’ll be here in September, in a festival far away from home, which is crazy, but I gotta make it! I’m gonna make it!!!

4 responses to “ALBUM OF WEEK 19 – ROCK & ROLL SUBMARINE

  1. Dave California

    Mi favorita es “Effigy”.
    De todas maneras le debo pegar mas escuchas (camino del curro!)

    Y by the way, gracias por el enlace!

    • My pleasure! Poder compartir calidad con amigos que la sepan apreciar siempre es más gratificante.

      Effigy es un temazo. Ya lo decía, los 3 temas iniciales son gloria, entre ellos éste. Puedes creer que toda la intro y estrofa me recuerdan a Neil Young? Tiene un arranque increiblemente potente.

      Me alegro de que te hayas estrenado en el blog, me consta que podrías hacerlo in English, pero también sé que eres un lazy bitch 😉 Espero que no sea la última vez. Thanks!

  2. Xavier Moragas

    De momento lo he escuchado 3 veces,y me quedo con los tres primeros pelotazos iniciales del disco;Mason-Dixon,Rock and Roll submarine y Effigy.Supongo que luego será la conquista del disco entero.

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