Sometimes books for cooking are boring as hell. No pictures you can take as reference, weird ingredients you have to travel to Honolulu to get them…

You’ll be lucky if manage to approach 3-4 recipes from a book. I have 6-7 books and have been able to cook  15 dishes the most.

Remember once I tried to prepare brick dough… I swear I followed each step but everything failed, the kitchen was full of sticky stuff everywhere, I had to go to the supermarket in a hurry to buy one of these prepared ones and felt like having wasted my time. Frustrating!

Believe it or not, Ryan Adams posted this link on his FB wall, saying this was the best internet stuff he had found last week.  I’m a diehard fan of Adams, you already know that, and to be honest, I’ve checked out some of his music recommendations with positive results, so I had to watch this…and I flipped!

I agree it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen through the net, a Black Metal chef, OMFG! Don’t feel like giving it a try? I need more of his stuff, c’mon!!

I bought most of the ingredients required for the cooking of this satanic phad thai, and was meant to do it on Saturday, testing it on my favorite guinea pig, Agnès. Unfortunately, after barely 3 hours sleep because Friday night turned to be drinking mayhem, I woke up still drunk and didn’t feel like doing experiments. Thus, hopefully in a couple of weeks, I will put it into practice and will be able to give you some feedback…that, unless any of you try earlier and want to share it with me… Any volunteer?


  1. Xavier Moragas

    Se han tomado hasta la molestia de adaptar letra y música a la preparación del plato,increible.Muy bueno lo de “Cut the tofu….cut the tofu”,ja,ja.Y mientras espera,headbanging,brutal!!!!.BEHOLD,THE GLORIOUS PAD THAI!!

  2. jajaja ”you will create the secret sign, then cover it with two paper towels, ¡¡que alguien me ponga una bisagra en el culo que me lo he partido de la risa” jaaaaaajajaja

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