The industry of videogames and consoles moves tones of money.  Some of the most popular are constantly releasing new ones creating a kind of saga, you know, Call of Duty, Resident Evil, Grand Theft Auto…. Improving realism in graphics, new plots and scenarios and missions are a big challenge for the companies in order to deliver the hottest blockbuster. Whatever. I’m not into that shit at all. It’s probably because I’m not too constant, but videogames interest me for 5 minutes.

It’s true, I had a PS2 for a year and a half… The only reason was that when Guitar Hero appeared, it was like the Promised Land in videogames, discovering the songs hidden, the only target I had was to unblock the game so I could have all songs available. After that, I was leaving the console catching dust in a corner. Gotta say the fact that my ex was great playing guitar (it’s true) didn’t help either, because he was the one to unblock the highest levels. Still I reckon it’s a good game, and it discovered me Heart, so was worth having it for a while.

I prefer old school stuff, no doubt.

Since I was really small, I’ve always loved pinballs, so much, I want to have one, and even better if it’s this one. 

This is my favorite all times game. You can change the appearance and introduce digital screens, but at the end of the day, that metal ball will be moving thanks to you pressing the flippers skillfully.

It’s amazing how much history is behind this machine, being very rudimentary in the beginning, as a funtable, back in the 15th century.

I remember my brother had one for his birthday present, small one but working the same as a king size one, and we used to quarrel a lot, because we wanted to play with it all the time. Really, I spent many many hours on my own, and even got nervous when score was getting very high.

When I was 8, my favorite present for the Holy first communion (yes, I was brought up at a nuns school and at that time couldn’t stand for my ideals yet, so I had to pass through that ridiculous Catholic  ritual) was a Nintendo double screened electronic machine which was a pinball.

Before Gameboy and all the stuff, being the owner of a Game & Watch multiscreen game was one of the coolest things ever, but at the end of the day, everyone had Donkey Kong, mine was different and therefore cooler( plus it was black!),and when trading electronic games mine one was one of the most demanded, hahaha! I think it’s somewhere at my parents’…will try to recover it.

With no final purpose for this post but telling you how much I love pinballs, yet I feel the need to say that sometimes the rough and primitive is sometimes more pleasant and charming than the ultimate super cool thing. So much development and evolution really kill the essence, human and tender sides of the things, and it’s a pity, don’t you think?

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