And Finally, the day I’ve been longing for so long has come: May, the 19th 2011.

This date hasn’t to do with any birthday, nor a trip, but with the gig of Michael Monroe. As my dearest Axl  used to say in One in a Million, “Some say I’m crazy, I guess I’ll always be”.

Lately, my mid-term objectives and events are connected to concerts and festivals, it sounds superficial, no problem to admit it, there’s nothing able to cheer me up so much as gigs and joining my friends, so imagine, tonight I’ll be going to the concert with my two best friends, what else can I ask?

I’m veeery nervous and excited, smoking a lot, and thinking I gotta call this and gotta call that, as soon as I leave the office I’ll make a kwik pit stop at home and move my ass to wherever my friends are. Shit! I can’t wait!! I feel suffocated here!

One of my main concerns is where to carry my stuff: camera, keys, wallet, the case for the glasses, cigarettes, cellphone… my idea is to stand in first rows, but I reckon it’s gonna be rough in there, so I won’t wear my glasses. On the other hand, I had the terrible experience of my Japanese compact camera being stolen during moshpit during the last Guns n’ Roses show, and I had taken such amazing pix of Axl, it really hurt. Don’t want something similar happens again, and don’t feel my jeans pockets are safe enough for my stuff during a risky gig, but don’t want a huge bag either.

It’s true I’ve eased on this matter quite much, but love being in first rows with top shows. I’ve been beaten, stomp, pushed…you wanna rock? You got it! Just accept the game.

Tonight is gonna be the same, and the idea of being in first row with my ex it’s a bit disturbing, hope we don’t get as close enough as to create a tense moment, especially at the time band items such as picks, sticks or setlists are to be hunted. He can be very rough, but I can be a bitch sometimes too 😉 Better not to think about that.

Do you collect items? To tell you the truth, I can’t complain of items achieved in gigs: several setlists, many picks and many drumsticks. Best are, no doubt, setlists, drumsticks are sometimes difficult to identify and at the end of the day, they are sort of alive, moving around the house. Picks are really cool when personalized.

Enough of this crap I’ve been writing in a word doc during spare moments at work, I’ve felt the need though.

Will try to update on the gig later at night or tomorrow morning, not very sure if I’ll be able, depending on physical condition I come back home after the show, and because tomorrow morning I’m supposed to do lots of stuff before I meet Agnès for our roadtrip to Madrid, to see Mr. Monroe, with the chulapo’s squad, on Saturday. Hell yeah! It’s gonna be a hell of a weekend!!

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