My apologies for not having updated this in so many days, but as predicted, after Monroe’s show on Thursday, accompanied with few (many, actually) beers and a state close to euphoria, I wasn’t able to write anything at all.

The gig was amazing, the bunch gathered for seeing the crazy Finnish enjoyed a lot, and we managed to see the band playing in first rows. And yes! I got the setlist 🙂

Monroe exudes energy and rock in high quantities, and the rest of the super band are not puppets either. Sammi Yaffa is pure attitude, and as a friend of mine said, one of the most stylish rock guys ever, his stagewear is really cool. Not being 100% regarding Ginger, the leader of The Wildhearts has really assumed his role and knows he’s not to be the main protagonist, yet his support is definite, same with Conte and Blomqvist.

Shouting Hammersmith Palais or Back to Mystery City while the crazy blonde is jumping and singing and leaving his balls on stage, is one of the greatest pleasures I can recall.

Shows like these two I’ve just enjoyed, really confirm my love for music is worth it, illusion still remains and I feel alive.

No entering into details, and considering I saw Monroe in Madrid again, you can imagine the weekend could be defined anything but quiet and relaxed. We were meant to take it easy on Friday, but already we had been invited to a birthday party and a friend of mine also joined…

I still don’t know how we had such energy for Saturday, which definitely was one of the funniest and craziest day/nights in my entire life. Recovery is being reaaaally hard, plus today we’ve driven back home. My body aches, I feel kinda weird in my head, but I’m still in a state of happiness that unfortunately tomorrow will be gone as I will get back to real life.

Once again, this has been one of these weekends which encourage you to feel Life is Great!

And finally, wanna thank all my friends I’ve been sharing these unforgettable moments with, for being so great, and staying by my side. I LOVE YOU ALL!

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