As you know, apart from getting ready for last week shows, I’m in very QOTSA mood lately, really, I’m listening to all the albums very often, that’s why, I started thinking of Mark Lanegan, and consequently Screaming Trees emerged in my head.

To be honest, I had original Sweet Oblivion and a dirty copy of Dust, but thanks to Internet, I have my new copy right beside me at ridiculous cost. Love when you think of an album, check on several websites and you find it’s so cheap you cannot miss the chance to buy it.

It’s true due to money issues I still have copies of CD’s, but try to buy as many as possible, love the covers, the booklets, I’m very sentimental, I guess, MP3 or MP4 or you can name the format, are very comfortable, and I’m an Ipod user, BUT, love having my living room full of CD’s.

Anyway, yes, DUST was my fav album last week, and one of the reasons is that Lanegan’s voice totally hypnotizes me, deep, dark and kind of mysterious…I love it!

Songs are amazing, all in this low mood, almost depressive, not being super slow, they are not as heavy and stunning as others coming from other Seattle bands fighting for the podium of the scene, yet  the atmospheres created are so haunting, Screaming Trees are to be praised at the same level as Alice In Chains, Soundgarden or Pearl Jam.

Go on! Listen to All I Know, Dying Days and Sworn and Broken…then tell me what you think. Dust is a MUST.

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