And finally June is here! It’s unbelievable how fast time goes by, it seemed yesterday when I started writing here…

Personally, I find this month very meaningful and interesting in many aspects, probably this year even more.

First of all, we’re passing through the equator of the year, and it’s a good moment to balance how you’re making it. I can’t complain at all, in fact, I’m glad seeing the outcome of what I’ve been enjoying lately. Good friends, plenty of activities, crazy nights, great weekends, my Hellhouse… of course, there are several things I gotta keep on improving, specially my money situation, but I’m in good mood most of time and feel quite optimist when thinking of what’s yet to come.

June also implies Summer is here. Good and warm weather, long days, people are up to many activities, so it’s time for fun and joy. Truth is that in my current job, Summer also means peak season, there’s gonna be lots of work to do, and I have to try not to get much stressed nor affected by incidences and other crap related to the biz.

I’m warmly welcoming this month, for there are a couple of events I’ve been waiting for too long: the ultra fast getaway to Oporto to see Ryan Adams back on stage on the 17th, and my favorite festival in Vitoria, Azkena Rock Festival, which will bring me the opportunity to see bands I love such as QOTSA, Cheap Trick, The Avett Brothers, The Cult and Kyuss (lives) among others. Moreover, I’ll be surrounded by very good friends during these events, and I know for sure, there’ll  be plenty of fun, laughs, booze and unforgettable moments. Can’t wait!

Maybe the saddest side of the coin is that this is the last month my best friend Agnès is going to spend here, close to be. Good news is that she’s starting a new life in Madrid, with one of my best friends, Kiko. I’m very proud of introducing them back in December, and I’m very happy things are working so great for the two of them. Their relationship and happiness together also give me hope, and honestly I think I’ll be able to have similar feelings at some point in the future. Anyway, Agnès, I’m gonna miss you a lot, but I know for sure we’ll keep in touch very very often  because we really need each other, and of course, I’ll be bothering you and Kiko in Madrid as much as possible. Love you, sista!

Thus June is full of things and plans ahead, and I’m very excited for all of them.

What are you up to this month, dear friends?

2 responses to “WHAT DOES JUNE MEAN TO YOU?

  1. Sista, you now you have your bed ready and waiting for you in your brand new Madrid home

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