You know I’m fond of villains rather than heroes, yet in this group anti-heroes should also be included.

The anti-hero is the guy you’d go out for some drinks, even fall in love with, and in films is the main character, but by his actions, or precisely, the lack of them, he’d never earn the title of hero.

Some months ago, I was talking about MY man, Han Solo, as the example of anti-hero. Today I’d like to pay tribute to one of the most charismatic and personal favorite anti-heroes, The Dude (in Spanish El Nota).

Jeffrey Lebowski lives on the benefits, unemployed and not precisely pro-active when it’s time to improve and change his current situation, he doesn’t give a fuck. As long as he can join his friends at the bowling court, drink his White Russians, and smoke weed, he’s fine.

Aesthetics are not his strongest point either. His appearance is homeless like, doesn’t have much trouble going to the convenience store in a ragged bathrobe. Guess he won’t be a shower addict either, yet I admit I’m in love with his long hair.

All things considered, it might be hard to understand why I’m such fan of The Dude, but yeah! I am, and as a fiction character I’m very influenced by him. But why?

Because at the end of the day, The Dude is a good man, and nowadays, my friends, this virtue is not only running short, but is also priceless.

Lebowski lives and lets live, doesn’t mess around with anyone, respectful towards the others, he’s the kind of guy you’d never think capable of starting  trouble, enough having his friend Walter in charge for that…

The Dude takes things as they come, in the easiest possible way, avoiding stress and  headaches( The Dude Abides!). I really like this philosophy, and feel a bit jealous, because I spend too much time analyzing and thinking too much. He used to be a revolutionary guy back in his college days, but gave up at some point and became what he’s now.

Sometimes you can feel attracted to the most opposite one, to be honest I think being with a guy like him would most likely end up getting on my nerves and bringing out anxiety episodes, or, who knows, he’d be the one to balance my hyperactivity….

Anyway Dude,just wanted you to know I think  you’re too cool to be true 😉

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