Again this week, it’s been difficult to choose just one album because  I’ve been listening to Cardinology and Furnace Room Lullaby by Neko Case and Her Boyfriends, nonstop on a daily basis.

Cardinology might not be my Ryan Adams’ favorite album but it’s special for many personal reasons and was a good soundtrack during my stormy days last year.

By the time it was released, in 2008, I was a diehard fan of the guy in dirty hair already, and had enjoyed an amazing show in London one year before. I wasn’t too convinced of the style when I first listened to it, Ryan’s voice in certain moments showed kind of carelessness and imperfection I wasn’t familiarized with. Considering previous works were Easy Tiger and the amazing Everybody knows EP, this was like a decline in quality.

Fortunately, as with many other things, you cannot trust your first impressions 100% and have to give another chance, plus some time later, Adams announced he was retiring due to pressure and hearing issues. Sad news and the prospect of no more releases for long time, encouraged me to listen to Cardinology in a more loving way. And I discovered another treasure.

Starting with Born into the Light, gotta say I love Neal Casal’s guitars, his elegance and sensibility are perfect for supporting Adams’ tunes. Anyway, a bunch of beautiful songs follow after another, I don’t really think any of them is avoidable. Personally, Fix It, Natural Ghost and and Sink Ships are my favorite.

Not having the slightest idea about  what stuff he’s gonna play in Oporto in two weeks, I think these two are being the Ryan Adams’ weeks, for me to make up my mind that I’m gonna see one of my favorite artists back on stage again. Couldn’t be happier, and I really can’t wait!!

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